Painting Over Oil-Based Paint? Rules to Remember

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

Believe it or not, painting over wallpaper is not only possible, it is almost always preferable to removing, says Michael Nungesser, owner and general manager of several Five Star Painting franchises in Georgia.

“Depending on the condition of the wallpaper, it may be more time-efficient and cost-effective to paint over it,” Nungesser says, adding that it is a fairly DIY-friendly project, too.

“If it is in good shape and just outdated, [painting over] it is perfectly acceptable,” he says.

What if you happen to know that the builder’s crew hung the wallpaper when the home was brand new? Definitely paint over it, Nungesser says, because chances are high that the builder didn’t prime the walls before putting the wallpaper up (a far-too-common practice in new construction).

“If you go to remove the wallpaper [from a wall without primer], you will cause severe damage to the drywall,” he says.


can i spray paint over gloss paint

Yes, if you use oil-based paint.

Oil-based paint, just like oil-based primers, will adhere to glossy surfaces easily because of the way they are formulated.

I would still suggest you take at least a green Brillo pad and lightly scuff the surface.

Always wipe off your surface with a damp rag before painting to remove any loose debris and sanding dust.

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Can You Paint Lacquer Over Enamel Paint?

This one is really tricky. Lacquer and enamel paints have kind of a love and hate relationship. So while it is possible to cover Enamel Paints with Lacquer Paints the outcome can be quite unpredictable.

It is possible to paint Laquer over Enamel Paint. Lacquer, however, has a tendency to lift Enamel Paint off of the painted surface. Apply a little bit of Lacquer in a location that is hard to see to test how the painted surface reacts to the Lacquer.

It is generally possible to paint Lacquer straight on Enamel Paint if the paint was not sealed with a topcoat. But it is kind of hard to predict if the outcome will be good because Lacquer can in some cases react with the Enamel paint and pull the paint of off the surface resulting in bubbles.

So it is recommended to test if the paint will be accepted well by the Enamel paint, by adding a small amount of paint in an area, that is hard to see.

In case the Enamel Paint is not reacting well to the Lacquer you can still remove the previous paint job from the surface by sanding the entire object. Or, if you are lucky and the enamel paint was not applied with a primer, then you can sometimes scratch the paint off of the object with a metal spatular.

Pros and Cons of Painting Over Wallpaper


  • It saves a lot of time.
  • It is usually a DIY-friendly project.


  • If you don’t prep the wall correctly, the wallpaper beneath it can peel and lift.
  • The wallpaper seams (and even textures of the wallpaper itself) can show through the paint.
  • Depending on the quality of the original wallpapering job, it can look shoddy.

Can I paint over gloss enamel?

Yes, you will, however, sand the surface bit more thoroughly than if it is a latex semi-gloss paint.

The reason is, enamel paints have a more durable finish than latex.

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