How well does cooking with google home work?

From the Googleapp on iOS

Open the Google app . The Google Account at the top right of the app screen is the account you’re signed into. To change the account, tap your account  choose the account you’ve linked to your speaker or display, or add this account.



480124.jpg. Main Dishes. Pan-fried pork chops on a platter with gravy and asparagus. Meat and Poultry. Spaghetti Carbonara II. Pasta and Noodles. Salad Nicoise. Salad Recipes. A fillet of fish with a ginger-soy glaze on a plate with white rice, an orange slice, and a parsley garnish.


Check the ingredient list

The Home Hub shows the list of ingredients on the screen. You can use your voice to tell it to move through the ingredients and Google Assistant reads them out loud to you.

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Most searched for recipes online from pancakes and banana bread to fish and chipsYour browser indicates if youve visited this link

The most searched-for recipes online are pancakes, fish and chips – and banana bread, it has been revealed. Statistics from Google search figures show that people in the UK searched for a simple …

Step 2 : Create the bucket that is linked to your domain

Second step is to create a Google cloud storage bucket. To do this, browse to the google cloud console, click on cloud storage, and click create bucket. Make sure the bucket name matches the CNAME created for your domain. In this case, the storage bucket should be named

Brisket thickens the pot

Besides beef stew bones, I also put in a nice brisket for flavor and garnishing when it comes time to serve.

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Index page suffix and Custom error page:

Index page suffix

This helps in scenarios when say you have no file named apple in your bucket In this situation, if a user requests the URL Cloud Storage attempts to serve the file . If that file also doesn’t exist, Cloud Storage returns an error page with 404 response.

You can learn more about setting this up here.

Play music while cooking

Enjoy your favorite cooking-inspired music while you make your meal. Tip: Don’t use the general command “Hey Google, next” when you listen to music and cooking instructions at the same time. Instead, use “Next song” (Music) and “Next step” (Cooking) to distinguish between the two actions.

Tip: You can continue to talk with your Google Assistant and use most features while you cook.

For a video demonstration, check out this YouTube video.


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