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How To Roll Up an Extension Cord!! CORRECTLY!!!

MHUB – March 11, 2019

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Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Retractable Cord Reel

Making a retractable cord reel is quite an easy job if you know how to do it. We’ve provided you a step-by-step guide. So that you don’t get confused with the sequence. Nonetheless, continue reading and follow the steps below carefully to make a retractable cord reel:

Step 1: Cut the Wood/Hardboard

First, take the jigsaw and the wood/hardboard. Then cut both of the boards in a circular shape. Ensure that they both are equal in size. After cutting them, also smoothen the edges. That’s because you may get hurt while using them if they’re not smooth.

Step 2: Attach Hook & Make Hole

Then attach the hook to one side of the PVC pipe. Also, make a small hole to insert the cable. You’ll need to put the wire through the hole, so create it in size so that you can insert the wire through it.

Step 3: Attach with the Boards

Once the pipe is ready, attach it with the boards. Place it in between the boards. However, ensure that each side of the pipe is attached exactly at the center of the boards. Now, use hot glue to attach them well. Nonetheless, you may need to wait for a little bit to let the glue cool down and attach well.

Step 4: Set the knob

Now set the knob on one of the boards. And the knob should be on the outer side. Again use hot glue to attach properly. We’re almost done creating the wheel.

Step 5: Mount the Pipe

Next, mount an extra pipe in the wall or floor. However, ensure that it’s larger than the wheel’s pipe and not wider. Fix it strongly so that it doesn’t come out.

Step 6: Attach Wheel

Now attach the wheel with the pipe you just mounted. However, you’ll find the mounted pipe a little bit lengthier. This is to prevent the wheel from coming out. Hence, after inserting the wheel, lock it with the help of a cap or screw.

Step 7: Set the Wire

After you’ve done the setup perfectly, time to attach the cable now; get a cable and put it through the hole you made earlier on the pipe. Then attach it with the hook. After that circle, the wheel, and you’ve done it.



This guide on how to make a retractable cord reel is written with easy steps. Therefore, you should not face any problem regarding the making process. However, the benefit of having a cord reel is huge. Therefore, if you want to have a good-looking environment around your electronics, try this now.

How to Make a Retractable Cord Reel: In 7 Easy Steps


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