How to pick a Kwikset deadbolt lock without a lock picking kit

The best deadbolt lock

Resistant to forced and stealth entry, easy to buy, and widely recommended, the Schlage B60N is like a residential version of a high-security deadbolt.


Details On Our Favorite Deadbolt Locks

Kwikset SmartKey
Kwikset SmartKey

  • Strong brand in the residential lock industry with a wide selection of styles and colors.
  • This is the only residential grade deadbolt you can easily find that has superior bump and pick resistance.
  • Weaknesses: The strength of materials in this home deadbolt lock is poor.
  • It contains plastic parts and is very light in material.
  • There are several other ways to bypass this lock. However, they are not as generally known or easy to use as lock bumping and some require special bypass tools that are not readily available.
  • Schlage B60 Deadbolt
    Schlage B60 Deadbolt
    Schlage B60 Deadbolt

    Schlage B60 Deadbolts Available Online and at Big-Box-Stores

    Check Pricing on Amazon. The residential version of the deadbolt sold by locksmiths.

  • In general, Schlage builds a stronger product than Kwikset. There screws are thicker and material is heavier.
  • A grade 1 residential deadbolt.
  • Weaknesses:

  • They do not have strong bump and pick resistance technology. To make up for this, they ship this deadbolt with anti-bump pins in two of the chambers.
  • The big-box store version of the deadbolt is coming with plastic parts.
  • Locksmith Version of a Schlage Deadbolt Schlage B5
    Locksmith Version of a Schlage Deadbolt
    Locksmith Version of a Schlage Deadbolt

    Schlage B560p Locksmith Version of the Schlage Deadbolt

    Grade 2 deadbolt that was built for commercial applications and is stronger than the big-box-store grade 1 products.

  • This is the heaviest and best built deadbolt without going to a high security product.
  • All metal construction, thickest screws, and solid latch shield through the width of the door
  • Anti-bump pins in several of the chambers
  • Weaknesses:
  • It’s bump and pick resistance is good, but not as good as the Kwikset SmartKey technology.
  • You will need to go to your local locksmith to get this part. What you find online and in big-box-stores is not the same. See our article Should I Buy From a Locksmith.
  • Mul-t-Lock Deadbolt High-security, Mul-t-lock dead
    Mul-t-Lock Deadbolt
    Mul-t-Lock Deadbolt

    High-security, Mul-t-lock deadbolts

    Check Mul-t-lock Pricing on Amazon Our favorite high-security deadbolt. This it the product we use to secure our locksmith shops.

  • The best material. High security, grade 1.
  • Solid latch shield through the width of the door
  • Locking ball bearing secures the high security deadbolt to the frame of the door.
  • High security keyway offer the best bump and pick resistance there is.
  • Weaknesses If you purchase online, you may have a hard time finding duplicate keys because the keys are restricted and your key may not be in use by a local locksmith. Price. You can get the best price online at Amazon, but there may still be more value in using your local locksmith because of their knowledge and key making ability.

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