How To Make Microwave Popcorn Extra Buttery In 3 Easy Steps

Introduction: How to Make Sweet and Salty Popcorn

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This recipe is so simple and makes the most delicious snack to eat while watching a movie or having friends over. This is the most addicive snack though so Beware! 😀 Whenever people come over now they want this popcorn!


Is coconut oil good for popping popcorn?

As you can clearly see, coconut oil is the best way to go when popping popcorn in the comfort of your own home. It is a great choice for your heart and health. It tastes great and has a ton of potential for the base of any flavor.

Is it OK to fry with olive oil?

If you’re going to deep fry, light refined olive oil is a good way to go. Extra virgin olive oil and canola oil are more in the middle – you can stir fry or bake with them, but don’t deep fry. But high temp cooking or frying deserves high smoke point oils.”

How to Gift Popcorn

To make this a gift, just put in a clear plastic bag and tie on a cute ribbon! You can make it look fancier by melting a little chocolate and drizzling it over the popcorn after it has cooled. You can put it in a plastic baggie or a take-out style box from a craft store. If making for kids, you can press the popcorn into a ball and put it on a popsicle stick. So many possibilities here!

Tips For Making Microwave Popcorn More Buttery

Top Microwave Popcorn With Butter Spray

For all the true butter lovers out there, you can even use a popcorn seasoning butter spray on your popcorn.

The spray will guarantee an even coating on your popcorn and provide an even coating of butter flavor.

Keep the spray with you while eating because once you eat away the top layer of popcorn, you’ll want to give it another spray or two with your butter.

The spray butter also keeps your popcorn from getting soggy with too much liquid in one area.

Use a Paper Bag to Make Popcorn Extra Buttery

You can make microwave popcorn extra buttery by using a paper bag at the end of the popping process.

Pop your microwave popcorn like normal and wait for it to finish. While you’re waiting, get out a pot and start to melt about half a tablespoon of butter.

Grab a brown paper bag and make sure it is big enough to hold the popcorn and still leave room at the top because you will be folding it.

Once your butter is melted and your popcorn is done popping, drizzle your melted butter all along the insides of the empty paper bag.

Dump your popcorn inside and fold over the top of the bag an inch or two to close the top.

Shake your bag for 10-15 seconds so you can coat all the kernels inside with the butter on the sides of the bag.

When you open your bag, you should have extra buttery popcorn. 

Transfer to a bowl and enjoy.

Are you curious as to why your popcorn seasoning is not sticking to your popcorn? Read the article here

Mix Popcorn Without Breaking It

A key to remember is that the butterfly popcorn shape will break if mixed too fast or hard. 

When mixing in a bowl, it is easiest to use a bowl that is a little bigger than you need. Shake it up and towards when mixing to move the popcorn that was closest to you to the bottom. 

Coat that layer of popcorn with butter, shake it up and toward you, and then repeat two more times.  This should give all the popcorn in the bowl an even layer of butter.

When mixing in a bag, it is best to fold the bag over so the popcorn is securely in place and then roll the bag over in your hands instead of shaking it hard. 

You can put the butter along the sides of the bag and then roll the bag. This will allow the popcorn to be evenly coated with butter.

But if you like a ton of butter, like me, you can line the bag and put butter on top of the popcorn, as well.

It may take a few tries to master coating your popcorn without making it soggy, but once you get it right, it is a lifelong skill that will benefit you, as well as your family and friends.

? Common Methods

We did a survey of some of our email subscribers asking them what method they use for adding butter to popcorn. The most common methods were spoon butter over the popcorn or spraying it on.

Spoon Method

? Pros: This is better than just dumping it on the top and everyone already has a spoon.

? Cons: The problem with using a spoon is that it’s very easy to dump too much butter on at once. And I find the whole process to be kind of clunky.

Spray Method

? Pros: A device that sprays butter on popcorn can be effective. Not to mention kind of fun!

? Cons: But cleaning them isn’t super easy and they can be costly. they have cordless electric butter sprayers that go for over $60! The last thing I need in my kitchen is something else to charge.

How to make Movie Popcorn YELLOW!

For a truly authentic Movie Popcorn experience, this recipe includes an option to make your popcorn yellow!

After many many batches of popcorn, I’ve settled on a combination of imitation saffron and tumeric powder as the best way to add an authentic yellow colour to the popcorn. I dissolve it in a touch of water, then swirl it around in the butter before adding the kernels.

Caveat: You will get yellow fingers and tongue, just like when you indulge in Cheetos and Cheezels! There is also the slightest hum of warmth left on your tongue from the spices, barely noticeable. None of my friends noticed it – until I probed them repeatedly!!!

For fellow food nerds interested in how I landed on this: The spices have to be dissolved in a touch of water because they don’t dissolve or seep into fat. This was also the problem with normal yellow food colouring – it doesn’t dissolve in fat. I tried emulsifying it by shaking in a jar with the butter, grinding with salt and sprinkling. I also found that using both spices achieved the colour I was after – tumeric alone makes the popcorn a crazy neon yellow colour, while saffron comes out a cheddar orange colour. 

Phew! Who knew I could write so much about po

Phew! Who knew I could write so much about popcorn??!!

I will tell you this though. Putting aside the yellow colouring, because that really is optional, Homemade Movie Popcorn is insanely addictive. It’s buttery in a way that just dousing with normal melted butter never will be. It’s lightly and evenly salted in a way that you can’t achieve just by using normal cooking or table salt.

And the best part?

IT STAYS CRISP FOR DAYS. As in – perfectly crispy.

Start thinking about how you’re going to smuggle this into the cinema. Because honestly, it’s almost criminal how expensive movie popcorn is to buy!!! – Nagi x

More Popcorn recipes

How to Make the Perfect Stovetop Popcorn

Prepare yourself for how easy it is to make a show-stopping batch of light, fluffy popcorn right on your very own stovetop. In a few simple steps, you’ll be movie-ready in no time.

First, get a heavy-bottom Dutch oven or large stockpot

You want a pot that is going to be able to withstand the heat, oil, and provide enough room for the kernels to pop around.

Can you use a smaller pan? Yes, I have in a pinch (like when I’m making half of the recipe and I’m just in a NEED POPCORN NOW mood). That being said, stick with the larger pan for the best results when possible. Use a lighter stockpot as opposed to a cast-enameled dutch oven if it’s easier for you to swish around.

Heat the pan over high heat with the oil and three popcorn kernels

Why add just a couple of popcorn kernels? They’re our tester kernels and will indicate to us when the oil is hot enough to add the rest.

Once the tester kernels pop, it means the oil is hot enough that when the rest are added to the pot, they will all pop almost immediately once added to the hot oil, giving us perfectly popped kernels with none leftover.

Without knowing if the oil is hot enough, our kernels would pop intermittently and this would result in unpopped kernels and burnt pieces, which no one wants either of.

Add popcorn kernels to the hot oil

Add popcorn kernels to the hot oil

Once the tester kernels have popped, immediately add in the rest of the kernels,cover, and remove the pan from the heat, shaking it gently side to side for 20 seconds. Once the 20 seconds have passed, immediately return the covered pan to the heat and in no time the kernels will be a-poppin’!

Pro tip: pre-measure the popcorn kernels before adding the tester kernels. You don’t want to waste time once the oil is hot and ready!

Let them Pop!

The kernels will bounce around in a flurry. Allow them to pop undisturbed for at least the first 30 seconds to a minute.

Once the pan is about halfway to three-quarters of the way full of popped kernels, crack the lid open to allow steam to escape. Allowing the steam to escape will prevent the kernels from becoming soggy, and keep them nice and crisp.

As the popping slows, you can gently shake the pan side to side to allow any unpopped kernels to make their way to the bottom (don’t shake it up and down; side to side only!). Once the popping has drastically slowed and/or stopped, immediately transfer the popped kernels to a serving bowl.

If you want to be really diligent about adding butter and/or toppings, you can easily do so in layers as you’re transferring the popcorn.

How to Reheat Popcorn

I really understand what “leftover popcorn” is, but here we are. If you’ve somehow made more than your stomach can handle, don’t throw it away!

No, you won’t be stuck with a bowl full of stale popcorn. We’re going to reheat and it’s going to magically become crisp and delicious again!

To reheat leftover popcorn:

  • Preheat your oven to 250°F.
  • Spread the leftover popcorn on a large baking sheet in an even-ish layer.
  • Place the baking sheet in the oven for approximately 5-8 minutes or so. You’ll want to use your handy taste buds to help you decide at this point, as the amount of popcorn on the tray and how it was prepared will affect the cooking time.
  • Give it a stir halfway through if you want (not necessary though).

If you already buttered the popcorn the first time you made it, you likely won’t need to add any this time, but you do you! I will never be one to say don’t add butter. ? And voila! Your leftover popcorn emerges warm, crisp, and ready to enjoy a second time around!

♨️ Keep the Butter Warm

Use a coffee cup warmer to keep the butter warm. It’s the same method I recommend using on Thanksgiving to keep the gravy warm.

How to make butter popcorn without it going soggy

The secret to stay-crispy popcorn that’s really butter is clarified butter, also known as ghee. This is just melted butter that’s simmered until the water in the butter evaporates – because butter is made up of fat, milk solids and water.

Once the water is evaporated, the melted butter is now pure butter fat. This has two benefits for butter popcorn:

  • Use to pop the popcorn – because it has a higher smoke point than normal butter. You CANNOT pop popcorn with normal butter, it just burns; and

  • Won’t make popcorn soggy when you pour the butter over it. In fact, it stays crispy for days and days and days….

Alternative to making clarified butter: Use store bought ghee. That’s what clarified butter is!


  • Pepper mills are not meant to grind salt, as the salt will corrode the steel burrs of the mill.[17]

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