Hand Guide for Food Measurement and Portion Control


  • It is a good idea to convert your measurement to cm if you are looking for gloves in countries outside of the United States. Multiply your measurement in inches by 2.54 to get the measurement in cm. The cm measurement should correspond to the glove size.

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  • If you have small hands, and you are having trouble reaching around the neck of a standard violin, consider buying a smaller 7/8 size. This is often called a “ladies’ violin.”

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3. Your Index Finger Equals One Ounce

Your dried ingredients can be measured in an ounce. Likewise, your liquid ingredient will be measured in fluid ounces. Instead of going way up into your cabinet or searching for a scale with the measurement of an ounce, your index finger will save you the stress. It is a perfect substitute for the ounce measurement.

Measuring Food With Portion Control Plates

Sometimes, people trying to lose weight use portion control plates and portion control glasses to make sure they are eating and drinking the right amount. Products like Livliga dishes, glasses, and serving pieces don’t look like “diet dishes” but provide guidance about portion size. But there are many brands on the market at different price points. 

You can also turn your regular plates into portion control plates using the USDA My Plate icon as your guide. The colorful plate picture shows how much protein, fruit, vegetables, healthy grains, and dairy you should eat at mealtime. You can use the image at home to remind yourself and teach your kids how to prepare and eat healthy meals. 


In conclusion, your hands are the best measurement substitute for your kitchen cooking. When you do not have your utensils complete, make sure to measure portions with your hands in the kitchen. Do not take them for granted. It is natural. Your instinct makes you know when to stop pouring and you decide the best portion for your servings.

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