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Part 2. FAQ on iPhone Freezes during iOS 15/14 Update

When meeting with the iPhone issue, people may wonder everything about it. Here some questions on iPhone freezing issue asked by most Apple users are showed and answered.

Q1. How Long Does iOS 15/14 Take to Update?

About 30 minutes if your iPhone is fully charged with a stable network connection. There are two factors influencing the speed of iOS update: internet connection and the size of the update. So please make sure that your device has been connected to a stable WiFi network. Moreover, if your iPhone runs a relatively older version of iOS, then the large update files can easily takes over an hour.

Task Required Time (Minutes)
iOS 15/14 Download 3 – 10
iOS 15/14 Installation 10 – 20
Set up iOS 15/14 1 – 5
Total iOS 15/14 Update 30 – 60 +

Q2. Why Did iPhone Stuck during Update?

The reasons for iPhone freezing during update are various. Here are some common causes.

Internal issues: low battery, insufficient storage, corrupted apps, overheated iPhone, software glitches and so on.

External issues: unstable network connection, overwhelmed Apple Server.

Both internal and external causes can lead to frozen iPhone, and all the methods in this article focus on fixing the internal errors. If you try all the solutions here and get nothing, then you should check your wifi, contact Apple Server or send your iPhone to Apple Store for a hardware check.


Here is the end of the post. You’ve learned how you can fix that freezing issue while updating existing iOS to iOS 15/14 or other newer versions in the future, and also know some solutions for the other iPhone freezing issues.

There’s no need to be panic when iPhone freezes during update. Instead of running to the service store, you can fix the problem manually and save some penny for not going to the repairmen. Here we have provided many solutions that you can perform yourself. We hope that you’ll try them and fix the problem by yourself.


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