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Mailing Beer

The fact of the matter is, it depends on where you live and who you’re mailing the beer to. In an effort to better explain this answer, we’ll break down each part of this statement.

First off, the general consensus from the US Postal Service is that shipping alcohol through their service requires that both sender and recipient are at least 21 years old.

It must be packaged securely so as not to leak or break during transit. And can only be shipped between licensed wholesalers, retailers, and individuals.

These regulations apply regardless of whether it’s being sent by mail or common carrier Fed Ex, UPS).

In the same way, many individual states have legislation in place which limit or flat out prohibit shipping beer. In any case, where state law conflicts with federal legislation, you must abide by the stricter of the two rules.

For example, Mississippi does not allow individuals to ship or receive shipments of alcohol. The only exception is for businesses that have obtained a license to do so.

Additionally, some states require residents who wish to order beer directly through an online retailer and have it shipped must show proof that they’re 21 years old before they can finalize their purchase.


Mailing Beer Through USPS

Can I mail beer through USPS? Yes, you can. Beer can be mailed, but only within the U.S., and if done so without an alcoholic beverage marking.

The United States Postal Service allows for mailing of alcohol as long as the contents do not exceed 24 fluid ounces (709 ml). If you are mailing beer within the U.S., it is best to package it in a sturdy box and use packaging materials that will absorb any potential leaks or spills.

Make sure to affix adequate postage. As overweight or improperly packaged parcels could incur additional fees. 

When shipping beer, keep in mind that some states have restrictions on the type of alcohol that can be transported across state lines. It is always best to consult an up-to-date map of alcohol laws by the state before mailing any alcoholic beverages. 

Can you ship beer internationally?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, alcohol beverage shipping without having a license to do so is illegal. This is because liquid products contained in a fragile glass are considered “dangerous goods”.

They can break inside the package, even if the shipper wraps it very carefully and tightly. If the liquid leaks, it can damage other packages.

Besides, the broken glass could cut through the wrapping and hurt an employee or the person receiving the package.

To prevent this kind of problems, shipping couriers prefer to have strict policies on shipping beer, wine, and other alcoholic products. Still, this doesn’t stop people from shipping beer and other products daily.

You should look first what restrictions and prohibitions do the shipping companies have when shipping to other countries. Also, you should investigate about the import restrictions that the destination country may have. Some countries have additional taxes for specific packages.

In some countries, like the UK and Ireland, it is forbidden to receive any alcohol.

To sum it up, shipping to other countries is something that can be done, but you must be very careful. Take your time to research and learn what laws about alcohol shipping are in the destination country. Also, follow all the tips above to avoid accidents as much as possible.

If you want to ship beer through Europe, you can use shipping companies like Eurosender. It is a courier company in Europe that allows users to ship beer and other alcoholic beverages around the continent and even outside, as long as the package obeys the laws and restrictions of the countries you are shipping to.

Getting into the Groove

Shipping beer can seem very complicated. There are many things you must take care of to secure that the package will arrive safely at the point of destination. You also have to make sure you are not breaking some fundamental laws.

It looks like a lot for something you may not be doing frequently. You may only do it occasionally: if you want to send a gift to a friend or if you bought some bottles during your vacations and want them to arrive safely to your home.

According to most of EU countries’ restrictions, a travelling person can only carry 110 litres of beer, and travelers from non-EU countries can take only 16 litres.

But if it is something you want to do, you are not entirely out of options. Use FedEx and UPS for your shipping, and avoid USPS altogether. As long as you keep your products safe and well packed, there is no need to be announcing what is inside the box.

Take note of the tips and tricks explained above before doing your shipping. That way, you will prevent accidents, and you will feel assured that your package will arrive in the best conditions.

Do not forget that shipping companies will discard boxes with leaking that could damage other packages, so take all the precautions needed.

Lastly, you should research about the destination country and prepare yourself for any circumstances in case your package doesn’t arrive as you wanted.

If you are a new homebrewer and want to start shipping your product, you can contact the local brewing community. They are especially helpful for those who are beginning in this kind of projects. Do not be afraid to search for their advice; they are often friendly and trustworthy.

After announcing my beer of the month club reviews, a few readers asked me whether the clubs would ship to their state. I admit, I was stumped.

So I brought in a Beer Shipping Expert.

Rick Boyd is the owner of Brewforia, a craft beer store in Meridian, Idaho. Brewforia also sells beer online, so I asked Rick if he would help me out in understanding the beer shipping laws.

Enter Rick:

Even the most casual observer is aware of the revolution in brewing that is taking place. In the past five years, hundreds of breweries have opened in every region of the country and these new brewers are challenging the status quo by producing beers like the world has never seen.

So how does someone who lives in Nashville, TN get their hands on a bottle of T.R.E.A.T. Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter from Midnight Sun Brewing in Alaska? Let me tell you, it’s not easy.

We’re very accustomed in this country to heading down to the local store and buying whatever product we want. Pretty much no matter where you live you can buy the latest electronics or fashions, enjoy the latest movies or music and even some of the most exotic ethnic cuisines, but it’s not that simple with beer.

Thanks to the extremely limited brewing capacity of craft brewers and the antiquated laws regulating the sale of alcohol, getting a bottle of some of the rarest and most interesting craft beers is almost impossible. That said, there is one place you can turn – the internet.

With the Granholm vs Heald ruling, the Supreme Court made it possible for people order alcohol, specifically wine online and have it shipped direct to their homes. Since this ruling, a handful of retailers have started offering selections of craft beer for sale online.

The internet is really the craft brewers best chance to get their beer into as many different hands possible since it doesn’t require any expansion of brewing capacity or restrictive distribution contracts.

Expect to see online beer sales grow rapidly and possibly overtake wine sales by volume in the years to come.


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