Why You Should Always Fly the Red-Eye

What’s A Red Eye Flight?

A red eye flight is a flight that has been scheduled to depart at night and arrive at the destination the following morning. This term red eye comes from one of the symptoms of an overnight flight. But red eyes are not the only symptoms people can experience. Others often include dehydration, headaches and nausea. These symptoms are also associated with jet lag.

There are many tips and tricks out there to help people combat redeye flights and jet lag. We are going to look at what works best to reduce the effects of these overnight flights. One of our favourite natural remedies is using CBD oil for sleep. This will help get your sleeping on track and will also help your preflight anxiety, but for more information follow the link above. CBD benefits will help keep your energy levels up if you are looking for a beach holiday. Or maybe ensuring you tick off your itinerary list of ten things to do in Dubrovnik.

Remedies To Overcome Red Eye Flight

Remedies To Overcome Red Eye Flight

There are a number of factors that come into play causing red eyes while flying. This is usually a combination of the overnight flight elements, temperature in the cabin of the plane, along with the lack of moisture around your eyes. This lubrication protects your eyes and helps them to repair from the small damages they take daily.

Now we know what the symptoms are that cause the red eye effects. Now we can look at ways to overcome a red eye plane flight.

  • As we mentioned earlier CBD oil for sleep is a great way to get your body and mind back into the swing of a good sleep cycle. It is recommended to take this sleep oil at least one week before the departure date. This ensures the body is used to taking CBD and it helps regulate sleeping cycles so the body is well rested before the departure date.
  • One of the most difficult things is falling asleep on a plane, this can be caused by a number of different factors, like flight anxiety, disruption, turbulence and even crossing multiple time zones. Even if there is no urge to sleep, getting a couple of hours in before landing will be a huge benefit in the fight against the red eye flights.

Another tip to keep in the arsenal is staying hydrated. One of the main factors causing red eyes is that there is not sufficient lubrication (tears) for the eyes. Keeping hydrated may seem counterintuitive for sleeping. Who wants to get up for the restroom every 45 minutes? Keeping hydrated helps the body function normally, and can minimize headaches that are commonly associated with flying, which makes the jet lag significantly worse. For more information on dehydration follow this link.

 Going hand in hand with keeping hydrated is to av

  • Going hand in hand with keeping hydrated is to avoid alcoholic beverages, since alcohol is a dehydrating agent. Starting the vacation off early on the plane is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, especially with a celebratory bottle of champers. By all means enjoy the celebrations but just make sure there is sufficient water intake at the same time. Caffeine can cause a similar issue, and can prevent the body from falling asleep. If a cup of coffee is being carved rather look at grabbing a cup of decaf. For more information on the effect of caffeine follow this link.
  • The air inside the aircraft cabin is extremely dry, a nice quick tip is to make sure that the little vent that controls the airflow to your seat is not pointed directly on the face. As this air is dry and it will cause the eyes to dry out, creating red blood vessels desperately trying to rehydrate the eyes.

 Comfort is key, selecting the right seat before t

  • Comfort is key, selecting the right seat before the flight can be the difference between having a stressful flight and a relaxed journey. Having the right gear is also important. Things like eye masks for the cabin lights, comfortable headphones or, even better, noise cancelling headphones will help with keeping calm, especially if there are toddlers or kids on the same flight. Keeping eye drops on hand for when you need them is also a bonus. Lastly, dress for the flight not the destination, being in comfortable clothes can help a lot with falling asleep, as well as having a pillow and blanket on hand. Keeping moisturizer in the travel bag to rehydrate your skin in the dry cabin will help aid in comfort.



What are the benefits of red eye flights?

Overnight or ‘red eye’ flights are usually popular among business travellers. Do they love them? It’s hard to tell.

The obvious disadvantage of night flights is, of course, the lack of shut eye for those who can’t fall asleep on planes.

Yet red-eyes (e.g. flights departing after 10 pm and arriving at 5 or 6 am) have certain benefits. For example:

  • You avoid peak traffic to/ from the airport

    It’s the end of the working day, you’re on your way to the airport and you’re stuck in traffic. If you want to avoid all the waiting and anxiety, night travel is just for you! You’ll be surprised at how empty the roads to the airport are later in the evening.

    An extra bonus: If you arrive at 5 am, you can also avoid traffic jams on entering the city at your destination.

    So a red eye flight means less useless waiting and more time for yourself!

  • You can save money on accommodation

    Flying at night actually saves you money.

    Imagine you have a business meeting to attend and you’re up for a six hour flight. Taking an overnight flight can help you save the hotel money. And you can still be there on time for the morning meeting!

  • Red eye flights are less crowded

    Due to the late hour, there are usually less people on the plane. This means that you have the added advantage of choosing your seat. You can also enjoy some extra space to make yourself comfortable for some shut eye.

  • Airports are less busy

    The fact that less people travel during the night also means that you can go through the airport much faster.

    No queues at check-in, less hassle at security check. TSAs will be calmer and more patient, you will have more time to pack your things carefully after passing security. The less hectic security check also means a slimmer chance to accidentally leave your laptop in the tray.

    Another queue passengers don’t usually look forward to is the one at boarding. But when you fly red eye, fewer people also means less waiting at the boarding gate.

    Another advantage of less busy airports is that the fewer the flights that leave at night, the fewer the delays.

  • An extra bonus

    The fascinating view at take off!

    Some of you may have seen this and it’s breathtaking! The flickering city lights as your plane departs and the web of streetlights… The whole city lit up as if it’s Christmas Eve. It’s an awe-inspiring sight!

Red-Eye Flights are Less Crowded and Rowdy

On morning and afternoon flights, babies test their lung capacity, movers and shakers shout into phones that aren’t supposed to be on, and revelers kick off their vacations with laughs and cocktails. The racket can reach irritating levels. But red-eye crowds are different. They’re more sedate. Like you, most want to sleep or sit quietly with their Kindles. And, since fewer folks are aboard, you may get an entire row to yourself to stretch out!

Red-Eye Flights Are Less Likely to be Delayed

Fewer flights take off at night. The diminished runway traffic means that red-eye flights are more likely to depart and land on time! Depending on the wind, you may even land early.

Which airlines offer red-eye flights?

  • USA

    If you’re eager to give red eye flights a try and you’re based in the USA, you’re in luck. You can book a domestic flight between the West Coast and the East Coast on many US airlines.

    Various air ticket search engines offer bargains like Los Angeles to New York on American Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines. Flights to Las Vegas from Philadelphia International Airport are served by American Airlines, Frontier, Southwest and Spirit Airlines. From Washington DC red eye flights are served by American Airlines, Frontier and United Airlines.

    Most of these airlines also offer red eye flights to Europe or other continents.

  • Europe

    Most airlines from the Middle East and Asia offer red eye flights to major destinations in Western Europe. Many US flight arrive in Europe in the early morning hours too.

    Examples of outbound flights include late departures from London (Heathrow) to Moscow or Tel Aviv.

  • Asia

    Japan’s international carrier Japan Airlines serves red-eye flights. If you’re in Hong Kong, you can book with Cathay Pacific. South Korea’s Asiana and Korean Airlines are other options, as well as Philipne Airlines, Indonesian, Turkish Airlines and Singapore.

  • Russia

    Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot serves flights connecting Moscow to Yakutsk, Irkutsk, and Vladivostok.

  • Australia

    Passengers travelling from the Land Down Under, can enjoy red eye flights on low-cost Jetstar and the flagship carrier Qantas. Note that westbound international flights typically last 15 hours. This means that they arrive roughly 2 days after departure as they cross the International Date Line.

6. Late night flights let you get in a full day’s work

Mid-day flights always leave me feeling as if I’ve lost a whole day of work, leaving me cranky. A late-night flight, however, lets me get in at least a half-day’s work, and I can squeeze in a full day’s work if I’m not procrastinating.

Cons of red eye flights

Just as coins have two sides, red eye flights and these advantages have disadvantages too. Passengers traveling on these flights will typically experience fatigue stimulated by the lack of sleep, which will be the reason for the passengers’ eyes to turn redder. The other disadvantages are as follows:

Difficulty falling asleep

There’s a complication trying to sleep on a flight. Even if you manage to sleep well on them – it can be tiring on the body.

Jet lag on Red eye flights

Jet lag on Red eye flights

It can take more than a day to get your sleeping roaster regulated if you are crossing many time zones to arrive at your destination.

Poor rest

Resting on a flight is not comfortable than being at home. So most people find it hard to relax their bodies on aircraft. It can be more disastrous if they are on the same flight with kids running off restlessly and causing tantrums.

Lesser flight options

Lesser flight options

Since not all airlines provide night flights, the number of flights taking off at night is lesser than in the daytime.

Fewer food places

Not all parties for your travel are waking up late to serve. Few places are open to offering food for traveling passengers.

To add up, night flying challenges your natural sleep rhythms and changes your body metabolism.

Given all those pros and cons, it can be concluded that if you don’t mind sacrificing few hours of sleep, then red eye flights can be worth it.

Another question linked with red eye flight is ‘are red eye flights cheaper?’ The answer is yes. Why is it so? It is because of the late-night departure or early morning arrival. Late-night flights are less in demand. This makes red eye flight tickets cheaper than morning or mid-day flights on the same route. Sometimes prices play such significant roles that the fear of getting fatigued and red eyes doesn’t seem to be daunting.

As per the passenger’s convenience, red eye flights can be booked. One can enjoy the perks of red eye flights if they have no objections to getting asleep onboard the flight.


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