What Does ‘Sheer Coverage’ Mean?

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Why do I hear different words?

Human beings perceive sound differently on a physiological level. This can be attributed to age, gender and other personal demographics that determine how we hear sound. Additionally, external elements like language and dialect can create biases in interpreting sound that change the perceptions in different people.


What do you call someone who sticks to their beliefs?

Alternatively, you could say he persisted or persevered (in his beliefs). Potential adjectives for such a person are incorruptible, upright and steadfast. (Obviously, there are many others). A casual phrase that expresses this idea is to stick to one’s guns.

Branch Coverage and Cyclomatic Complexity

Branch coverage is closely related to an important metric in software engineering: cyclomatic complexity.

Cyclomatic complexity, in short, is the number of possible paths of execution inside a block of code—e.g., a function. Cyclomatic complexity has many valuable use cases. You can use it to determine which portions of the code are more complex and thus more prone to defects. Cyclomatic complexity might also correlate with the difficulty of reading and maintaining a certain piece of code.

But, in our context, cyclomatic complexity is essential. It helps to determine the minimum number of test cases you need to comprehensively test a given piece of code. So striving to keep cyclomatic complexity low is a good goal to have if you want to accomplish higher levels of branch coverage.

Our Final Take

When it comes to choosing between sheer and semi-sheer curtains, it really all depends on your design goals. Both options offer an excellent way to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room.

The versatility that sheers and semi-sheers provide is perfect for creating a number of different looks. But, if your ultimate goal is privacy or energy-efficiency, then you need to think about pairing them with another element.

You can hang a set of sheers in a window with a black-out shade to soften the look. You can also get more coverage and privacy from semi-sheers using extra panels to achieve a fuller, more gathered finish.

There are multiple ways to get the form and the function that you desire by using sheer or semi-sheer curtains. If you don’t plan on pairing them with another feature, then semi-sheers are your best bet. They can give you the flowy feel that you’re looking for, while still providing some privacy. How’s that for sheer perfection?

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