Turn Any Blender into a Magic Bullet with a Mason Jar

Quick Summary

Here’s a quick summary of our top picks and why we selected them:

Product Name Why We Picked It

Tribest Mason Jar Blender w/ X-Large Cups

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  • Larger blending containers make this blender ideal if you have a family and need to blend more food at once.
  • Perfect for making smoothies with you on the go or storing food at home for later.
  • The two different blades are very easy to swap out.

Tribest Single-Serving Jar Blender

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  • Comes with both a blending and a grinding base.
  • Unlike other blenders that will only make smoothies, this blender can easily grind spices, seeds, coffee beans, and nuts.
  • With multiple mason jars included, you don’t have to worry about running out of cups to blend or store your foods in.

Americana EPB-6050BL Personal Blender

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  • Enjoy taking your smoothie to go with the spill-proof lid and straw that won’t allow any of the drink to leak out.
  • The blades are powerful enough not only to blend fruit and juice but also to power through chunks of ice without being damaged.
  • The handle on the included jar makes it easy to hold onto your drink when your hands are already full.

Oster Personal Blender

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  • A three-year warranty will protect you if the blender breaks or stops working.
  • The included drinking lid makes it easy to drink your smoothie on the job, while the included cap allows you to store items for later.
  • Great size for a single serving.


Mason Jar Bullet Blender Tips-n-Tricks

You now have a Mason Jar Bullet-Style Blender. Simply invert the base onto the blender and pulse. Never fill the jar with anything that creates Gas as this such as Oxyclean or vinegar and baking soda, etc.

You wouldn’t want your jar to explode! Also, Never fill the jar past the “shoulders” of the jar, the contents need room to expand.


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