The 10 Online Dating Texting Rules for more matches and dates

8 Rules of Dating Texting You Must FOLLOW in Your Relationship

8 Golden Rules Of Dating Texting

  1. No overloading of texts, please.. Picture this: Hey! ? What’s up? Busy? Where you gone? No one wants to open their…
  2. No calls without prior notice Just because someone is texting you at the moment, does not mean they are free to take…
  3. Response to the text Text response time etiquette is to be acquired over time. So, how often…
  4. Is sexting okay?

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10 Texting Rules for Dating Singles – Texting Guidelines

Texting Rules In Dating Then I can choose if that arrangement is going to work for me. As long as I ask them out, send texts, and make plans, they will show up or respond.

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2. Feel what you text: Don’t just text them for no absolute reason

Texting at the early stages of dating has its ways to go wrong, especially if you’re bored and want to ‘fill your nothingness’ by texting with this person. It can be taken as offensive and disrespectful.

Avoid the generic, boring, texts. Those (generic & boring texts) usually come out of boredom, so keep them in and do something else other than texting them when you’re bored. You can send them memes, pictures, songs or anything else that reminds you of them. Make texting fun!

Text them when you genuinely feel like texting them. Not when you’re bored and have nothing else better to do. Text them for a reason, a good, genuine reason; it makes the conversation flow easier, and be more of a genuine conversation.

Reply when you can. Drop the games to ‘win them over’ and reply when you can, or when you feel like replying. If they don’t feel comfortable with your way of texting, see what you can do about it, and if you can find a common ground in this particular area.

#12 Here’s what she OWES you

The sooner you accept this as one of the texting rules, the less frustrated you’ll get on your journey to finding your perfect wifey.

There are so many screenshots being shared around the internet of guys absolutely LOSING. THEIR. SH#T, when girls don’t give them what they want.

These nice guys go into epic rages, calling their texting partners all sorts of stuff.

Now I know that most of my readers are too well educated for this kind of social suicide…


…just to be sure…

…here’s a list of everything the girl you are texting owes you:

  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing

There. Did I miss anything?

Nope, looks like all of it.

Just because a girl replies to you, doesn’t mean she will go out with you.

Maybe she just wants some validation. Maybe she likes the texts you send but doesn’t feel the urge to meet you face to face.

Texting rule for guys: It’s her right to just text with you and have some fun, just like it’s your right to move on to the next girl.

Save yourself some frustration when she doesn’t want the same things as you. Your annoyance won’t change her mind.

In the next tip I’ll tell you what your annoyance WILL do for you


What Are The Texting Rules For Dating? While there’s are no official texting rules to dating, there are some unspoken rules you need to follow, if your aim is to effectively communicate with a guy you’re into. This includes responding to your texts on time, keeping texts short and simple, and responding relatively equal.  How Often Should You Text In A New Relationship? Texting is virtual and simple approach of keeping in touch when you can’t be with your loved ones in real life. As a lady, at the early stages of dating texting, you might want to make sure you text well enough to show you are interested in dating him, yet not too much so that you don’t give off needy or desperate vibes.  How Do You Keep A Guy Interested While Texting? When it comes to dating, guys love mystery and like to do some chasing. The simple key is don’t give off too much. Make it simple and sweet, so he’ll have room left wondering about you. On the other hand, don’t ghost him by being radio-silent. It’s only natural for him to think you are uninterested.  How Often Should A Guy Text You? Because guys love to impress ladies with words, they do more texting while trying to win you over. e.g texting for a date, to check on you, etc. Therefore, It’s not uncommon for guys to message 3-5 times in a day. More so, if you have regular conversations via SMS, then you should expect more texting from him. Do Guys Like When Girls Text First? It is generally believed that guys love to do the chasing. However, men like the feeling of being wanted by their female counterparts. In fact, it’s a huge turn-on for many guys when ladies are bold and make the first texting move. What men don’t like are texts that have desperation written all over. 

Where is the magic in this opener?

If she has a personal or clever answers to this message, you can see that she is worth your time.

If she only sends back boring standard answers, you should rather invest your time in more interesting women.

Of course, sometimes it takes several messages, and you can’t see immediately at the first answer to your question if she’s a disinterested or negative person.

After some back and forth texting, it will become clearer and clearer during your conversation, which kind of girl you’re facing (duuuuuh’).

For example, you’ll notice when she keeps answering short and choppy, even though you provide her with interesting questions and creative statements.

Is your opener unanswered like a message in a bottle in the Pacific? Read these articles and profit shamelessly from them:

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#15 NEVER use these emojis

As a man, never use this emoji:

A favorite among cutesy girls. This emoji reeks of

A favorite among cutesy girls. This emoji reeks of girlishness and that’s exactly why you are NOT allowed to use it.

Unless if you’re role-playing anything female.

But then again there’s never a good excuse to role-play.

Unless if it ends in you and her doing all sorts of kinky stuff.

Anyway, don’t use that emoji of the monkey covering its eyes.

Also, don’t use these emojis:

Holy Tip:
Only use emojis when they are absolutel

Holy Tip:

Only use emojis when they are absolutely crucial for your text. If the text carries the same meaning without the emoji, then leave it out.

There are other sorts of images that you ARE allowed to use to your heart’s content. Let’s cover those in the next tip.

7. Much into sexting? Let’s talk consent and respect first

When consent isn’t taken into consideration, especially while texting during the early stages, that’s one of the early signs that you’ll be heading to a toxic relationship.

Sexting is fun when it’s enjoyed by both parties, it’s not fun nor okay when boundaries are pushed and one or both of you are uncomfortable.

Careful with the pictures, please. Your urge to impress the other person with your naked body is also understandable, but has a lot of potentials to make the other uncomfortable; especially if you didn’t discuss any ‘naked’ things yet.

Consent & respect, please. Sexting (including nudes) is amazing when there’s consent from both sides. When you communicated the no-nos and the yes-yes’, and you respect those fundamentally. It’s only fun and done right that way: with consent & respect.

Don’t be pushy if they’re not into sexting, please. Understand when you get a no, when you get a ‘I’m not comfortable’. Not respecting the other’s boundaries when texting (or any other form of communication) is not the way to go.

5. Have you already texted them today?

    If so, put down your phone.

    Unless the two of you text back and forth a lot and regularly spam each other with funny tweets or memes you come across during the day, there’s no reason to send text after text.

    Spector’s okay with a double text on occasion, but if you’ve already sent numerous texts that have gone unanswered, they’re probably busy and haven’t seen them. Or, they have seen them and haven’t had a chance to answer yet, or they have no intention of answering you at all. Either way, this is the perfect opportunity to take a hint, says Spector, and back off a little.

    She’s not saying you can NEVER send multiple messages to this person, but a long string of texts can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting to know each other. Instead, Spector says, stick to one message at a time and ease them into your texting habits the way you’d ease into any other part of the relationship.

    If you have a really strong urge to text someone a hilarious meme you just scrolled past, text it to your mom.

    Rule #4: One of my most effective online dating texting tips for guys

    Do you want to get her to invest as much as possible in the conversation?

    You will achieve this by asking the RIGHT questions and formulating statements.

    What do 99% of men do when they start chatting with a woman?

    They ask questions about her everyday life or her job.

    The big disadvantage of this is:

    If they are honest, the answer interests these men less than a moldy crispbread.

    With one question, you expect her to make a direct investment. You ask her to lead the conversation instead of taking responsibility for it yourself.

    But that doesn’t mean that it’s fundamentally bad to ask questions. You just have to be careful not to ask too many questions at the beginning of your chat.

    Later in the chat, you can ask more questions to get to know them better.

    >> 71+ Questions to Ask a Girl on Tinder That Will Make Her Open Up to You.

    These three types of questions will give you the best cards at the beginning of the conversation:

    The ‘or‘-question

    Here the possibilities are already present in the question, and she only has to choose.


    Burger or sushi?

    Berlin or Paris?

    Brazil or Thailand?

    The closed question

    It’s a yes-or-no question.


    Do you like tomato soup with meatballs?

    The open question


    Why are you doing [her favorite hobby/occupation/passion]?

    Pro tip:

    If you ask ‘why’ questions, she gets more in touch with her emotions.

    This, in turn, increases her investment and thus the chance of a date.


    Why did you become a dancer?

    Pro tip #2:

    Use question marks as rarely as possible or even formulate questions without them. This way, the question sounds less like an investment and looks more like a statement.

    So much for the asking. We have already clarified earlier that you should be sparing with questions at the beginning of your chat because otherwise, you can come across as an annoying child.

    Instead, you should use statements at the beginning.

    This way, you will indirectly draw the investment out of the convo little by little. To do this, you text her something where she can’t help but answer.

    Here are two smart ways:

    1. Challenging comments: ‘You look like a hot homeless lady.’
    2. Simple, friendly compliments: ‘You write as if you were a professional writer.’

    Mastering the Ping Texting a Woman After the First Date

    If you have read other dating advice articles on this site then you know that you should have your second date in mind already when planning the first date. Don’t worry, you aren’t obligated to offer a second date if there is no chemistry on your first date. 

    You need to have a ready-to-execute plan. Having that second date already asked for makes it a lot harder for a woman to say no. A woman who will dismiss your text message will have a much tougher time rejecting you to your face.

    Having your second date set is one of the absolute best ways of not overdoing the messaging after the first date. When the second date is waiting in the wings, you have very little reason to communicate extensively between the dates. However, in addition to your “thank you for a nice time” message, you can also send, later in the week, a confirmation of your second date. As an aside, that message is never “are we still on,” but rather “i’ll be picking you up at 6, send me the address.” 

    It is entirely ok to send a message that you had a good time. Do not overdo it. It was not the best time of your life unless you spent every day prior to your coffee date living in a cave eating bugs. If the date really did seem like the best thing that ever happened to you, keep working the process with this woman, but you seriously need to work on dating more.

    The point is to communicate that you had a good time, and that it was nice to meet them; that is all you have to say until they respond. One of the wonderful things about texting, or application messaging if you are still using an online dating site, is that it comes with an option to delete what you have written, edit your message, or just not send it at all. Use these features to send a short, clear, message with a tone you’re comfortable with in language you have carefully considered.

    A “ping” is a short, “hey, how are you,” message that allows a woman to respond, or not respond as it were, and that maintains a low level of contact without being intrusive. Pay very careful attention to the responses to your pings because they are going to dictate how things proceed.

    If She’s Not Interested in Your Pings

    If you do not get a response within the first ten minutes, wait at least a half day, and longer is better, to send the second one. Do not ever send repeated pings to a woman who does not respond. Like it or not, she is, in fact, responding to your messages and, rudely, telling you “no thanks.” Resist the temptation to have the last word, whether she is deserving of it or not, and just move on.

    Never send more than two ping messages, even when separated by days without some sort of positive response. If you send a ping and you get back a terse thank you, wait a bit before sending another. Take note: if you keep getting back terse, one or two word responses then cut your losses and move on. An interested woman is one who will readily communicate with you.

    There are certainly going to be cases in which the woman really favored you on your first date together, and actually is waiting for your call. In this situation, a “ping” approach works just as well here as with someone less enthusiastic. Without some artful probing, you cannot tell the difference with any degree of accuracy how a woman feels.

    How Interested Women Respond to Pings

    If a woman is interested, a ping gives her the opportunity to respond, to ask her questions, to do her own evaluation, without having to appear overly eager by moving first.

    If you did not meet this woman in an online dating application, it is entirely possible she simply lost your contact information. Of course if you did meet through a dating app, versus scribbling phone numbers on receipts in a club, it is not really likely that she has lost your contact information.

    If you send a ping and get a cheerful response, with a question or other invitation to continue attached, then feel free to engage in some communication. If she starts asking her own questions, after she answers yours, then you are cruising towards a great second date.

    Even here, never overwhelm your prospects with attention. Match their texting frequency and volume as closely as you can. If they text every couple of hours, then you text every couple of hours. If they say “hi, how is your day going,” then go ahead and answer with a sentence of similar length; counting the words is probably excessive but do not answer a question about your day with a thousand word description of your job and all of its failings. As with other communications, always end yours with a question to keep things moving. 

    Incidentally, this frequency and volume matching can work with anyone at any stage of a relationship. Instead of giving your partner the idea that you are immediately available, waiting a couple of minutes to answer texts gives the impression that you are breaking away from something else to pay attention to them; this can create more interest than being instantly available.

    Matching their text volume can prod them to increase their volume in an attempt to engage further. With an established relationship however, be careful to keep the gamesmanship to a minimum. Waiting a minute to answer a text can be useful, waiting an hour is just irritating.

    15. Do you want to know if this relationship is going any further?

      There’s nothing wrong with telling someone how you feel over text and expressing that you see the connection developing into something more, like an exclusive relationship, Palmer says. If the person you’re feeling feels the same way, they’ll text you back and say so.

      However, once you say, “I’m really into you,” the ball will be in their court. That means being prepared to hear something you won’t like.

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