Play Burned Game Backups on Your Wii Without a Modchip

System Menu Hacks List

This is a list of the hacks you can enable with Priiloader.

Hack Description
Block Disc Updates Removes the “Wii System Update” screen included with some games that forces you to update the system before playing the game.
Block Online Updates Disables updating your Wii. Updates will fail with error 32007.
Auto-Press A at Health Screen Automatically presses the A Button to get past the initial “Health and Safety” screen.
Replace Health Screen with Backmenu Changes the “Health and Safety” screen to the animation played when returning to the Wii Menu.
Move Disc Channel Enables moving the Disc Channel anywhere on the Wii Menu. It’s normally stuck in the top left of the first page.
Wiimmfi Patch v4 Automatically patches all games you run from the Disc Channel for use with Wiimmfi.
480p graphics fix in system menu Fixes a small issue with 480p on the Wii Menu.
Remove NoCopy Save File Protection Allows you to copy normally disallowed save files to your SD card from Data Management
Region Free EVERYTHING Disables region locking for any Wii application, including downloaded ones.
Region Free GC Games (No VM Patch) Disables region locking for GameCube discs.
Region Free Wii Games Disables region locking for Wii discs.
Region Free Channels Disables region locking for installed Channels.
No System Menu Sounds AT ALL Disables all the Wii Menu sound effects.
No System Menu Background Music Disables the Wii Menu background music.
Re-Enable Bannerbomb v2 Enables the “Bannerbomb” exploit on the latest Wii version. Not needed when the Homebrew Channel is already installed.
OSReport to UsbGecko(slot B) Sends Wii Menu logs to a debugging device in memory card slot B.
OSReport to UsbGecko(GeckoOS,B) Sends Wii Menu logs to a debugging device in memory card slot B, if the Wii Menu is launched by Gecko OS.
Force Standard Recovery Mode Automatically launches the console in recovery mode. Used to launch recovery discs, letting users unbrick their Wii systems.
Remove Diagnostic Disc Check Removes a check in the Wii to see if an inserted game matches the title ID of the “Wii Startup Disc”.
Lock System Menu with Black Screen Makes your Wii Menu load to a black screen, making you unable to use it. (Do not enable this)
No-Delete HAXX,JODI,DVDX,DISC,DISK,RZDx Re-enable channels with these title IDs (originally blocked in system updates due to them being exploits).
Force Disc Games to run under IOS249 Make discs use cIOS 249 as the game’s IOS. While it cannot allow playing of burned games on its own, it is needed to play burned discs. (Can give you Error 002 on a non-burned game)

Continue to the Dos and Don’ts of Wii Modding These are some guidelines to ensure you don’t brick your Wii.


How to play burned games on your wii without modchip

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The easy way to hack Wii in just 3 minutes (100% work)

The basic principle of the process is to visit this and choose system menu version. According to you Wii console, please input system menu version and you Mac address. After you have filled all content, you will download the file and unzip it with using free WinRar. To learn from more info about how to hack Wii, please watch the following video.

How to play backup(burned) games on a Wii(4.2-4.3)without Homebrew or Modchips glitch/hack

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Maybe doesnt work with all games or dvds i used a TDK disc.1.burn a wii game to a DVD-R.2.go to your wii.3.go to system settings (on wii) settings.5.change nickname.6.Enter ERSB75HAX and your region example: to disc channel and insert the wait untill the Cannot read disc thing pops reset:D.12. dont press anything just wait.13.after 30sec-1min it should be done.14.any problems leave it in the comment box:D.ITS NOT FAKE! I PROMISE YOU RIGHT NOW LOOK IN TO MY EYES!

Video taken from the channel: iPodTouch230

Best solution

  • How can you play back up games on a Wii with firmware 4.0 using the homebrew channel?


    The Wii System Menu runs on IOS30, Homebrew runs on IOS35, you must install a Custom IOS36 into IOS…

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