Invert colors on a page

Why Color inversion?

I am a night owl and one night I was reading articles in one super white website. It was a huge strain for my eyes. Even with Iris, with the blue light reduction and with the low brightness it was still bad for my eyes. The idea came to my mind. I just want to make the black white and the white black.

Long story short now there is Color inversion feature in Iris. At the first release it was a little hard for me to combine Color temperature and Brightness with this new Color inversion and you kind of have to choose. Color inversion or the other features. Now this is fixed and you can combine the features whatever you like.



How to invert my Screen colors?

After I finished the implementation of this Color inversion I started to add otherColor effects. At the moment there are several different Color effects availableunder the Screen effects page.

Simply click Color effects toogle to enable/disabl

Simply click Color effects toogle to enable/disable the selected Color effect.

You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+R to toogle the desired Color effect.


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