How To Turn Your iPod/iPad Into A Mobile Phone With Line2 App

VoIP Smartphone Apps 

A handful of the many online communication apps are compatible with the iPod touch. Here are some to try: 

  • Skype: The oldest of the bunch, it offers free voice calls and instant messaging, along with a long list of features. You can also make international calls at a low cost.
  • Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger offers an iPod touch version that enables calls.
  • Viber: With roughly the same features as WhatsApp, Viber offers paid calls to any number worldwide.

WhatsApp, the enormously popular communication app, does not offer a version for the iPod touch.


How to set up texting:

Now that you have begun making calls with Skype through your iPod Touch, you may want to set up texting on it, too. Texting on an iPod Touch is simple to do by downloading any number of applications from the Apps Store. You can search for a texting application by opening the App Store on your Home Screen.

From there, you can search for texting or SMS and go through the lists of apps that come up. Some will be free, but these will be lesser services than the paid ones. It may take time to find the right one.

The service I have used for texting on my iTouch i

The service I have used for texting on my iTouch is called TextNow. It is a free application from Enflick, Inc. TextNow allows you to text, picture message and if you sign up for a phone number and make certain calls for free.

You can customize the themes and many other options with it, too. I have used TextNow for awhile and have found it be a reliable application if you want to text on your iPod Touch.



Step 2: Make an Account

You will need your name, a Skype name, password, and e-mail. Other people may have already taken your desired Skype name so may have to try again. Then, add more info to your profile such as your location to make it easier for your friends to find you in the directory.

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