How to Silence Your Mouse Clicks

How, silent mouse works

Have you heard of a saying, “Quiet as a mouse”? but it is not always accurate when it comes to the regular mouse that is in your hand right now in order to fulfill your day to day computer operations. Although you may not aware or think, using a mouse can be bothering your neighborhood sometimes.

In fact, the clicking sound of a mouse can be disturbing to those working around you and maybe the same to you. Also, it can be noisy when many are being used at the same time. Imagine working thousands of mice in a workplace at the same time, it will be like a factory, right? To help you in this situation there comes a quiet mouse.


Silent Mouse Clicks DIY Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you work with computers a lot like I do, then you may run into the annoyance of loud mouse clicks and would probably want to make a silent PC mouse for yourself. With this tutorial, you will be able to see a step-by-step guide to virtually silence your mouse. We first must understand why the mouse is so loud with each click; then we can fix this unwanted noise.

The majority of parts commonly used to make a computer mouse are manufactured with cost in mind instead of quality or performance. This applies to the body all the way down to the buttons. Most parts are made of plastic or super thin, cheap metals to save on manufacturing costs. This results in loud clicks when the button is pressed.

This DIY tutorial will effectively silence the clicks in most current mouse devices. The method used in this tutorial, assuming it is correctly done, will not affect the performance of your mouse buttons. The mouse will still have the same resistance as before, and it will still be just as easy to click. The only difference will be your mouse no longer producing disruptive clicks.

7. Povee Silent Clickless – Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is also a wireless mouse with quite clicks. If you like to play with silent clicks this will be your gaming silent mouse. The mouse design including thumb nest to hold the mouse compatible. This mouse also comes with 4 buttons and 3 different DPI levels (100,1200,1600)

Povee silent mice powered by single AA battery, but this could be little disadvantage of this mouse because we have to replay battery more frequently. Anyway sleep mode helps to maintain the battery life for more hours. 

The main features of Povee are:

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable skin touch feel material
  • Auto power off (APO) – save power
  • Within 8M-15M work distance-2.4G frequency technology, Unique focusing capability can boost the adaptableness of optical sensors.
  • Just plug and play no need to install drivers, simple to use. Support with Windows8/7, Vista, XP2008 or latest, Mac OS X (over 10.2).

Mouse has 4 buttons to get more control For best performance this mouse has 3 level DPI Thumb nest to hold tide and fell comfort

Cons The minimum DPI settings may be too fast This is not for left handed person Battery life is not good

What’s the advantage of a silent mouse?

If you’re already eyeing a silent mouse, then it’s easy to justify buying one. But for those who are on the fence or unsure of its applicability, here’s a breakdown. 

The biggest selling point of a silent mouse is its noiseless design. If you’ve ever gamed at night or used a computer in a public library, then you may be aware of how loud and distracting mouse clicks can be. The silence of these mice not only benefit those around you, but yourself. Less noise means less distractions and more focus.

Step 5: Put the Cover Back On

Once you’re satisfied with the sound of all your switches, put the covers back on them. You more than likely lost the white buttons, so you’ll want to put them back into their covers using the knife to coax it into the slot. The side of the button with the flanges goes on the inner side of the slot. ProTip: It’s much easier to put the mouse on the cover than it is to put the cover on the mouse. (That dastardly white button!)

Step 2: Open It Up

There are a lot of different types of mice out there and most all employ means of hiding their screws. Check under the plastic pads and in the battery compartments if you’re having trouble finding them. When you get inside, locate the mouse switches. You should see some rectangular boxes like in picture 3. If you have the square switches like in picture 4, you’re out of luck. There isn’t a way to quiet them down that I found. (They use a thin, metal concave disk than flips to being convex when pressed. Putting anything in there to quiet it down makes it lose all functionality.)

Final Step

Assemble everything in the reverse order of removal. Everything should go back together easily. If you have to force something, then you are probably doing it wrong. Nothing should be forced; if you have to use more effort than normal, you should take the mouse apart and check for anything causing hang-ups with reassembly.

If a switch is broken or the metal piece of the switch is dislodged from the rest of the switch, you will need to use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to put the switch back together. If parts of the actual switch break (meaning they snapped in half or bent beyond repair), you will need to replace it for the mouse to function normally.

I dislodged one of the metal contact pads inside one of the switches I was working on. It took me about 5 minutes to get it back in correctly. They must be inserted back correctly. Study the way it looks before working on the inside of the switch in case something goes wrong. Replacing a broken switch will be much more difficult than the rest of this tutorial and will most likely take some intermediate soldering skills at the very least. Use caution inside the mouse, but mostly inside the actual switch(es) as they are very delicate.

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Is there a way to make your current mouse quieter?

There are a couple of methods to dampen the sound of a non-silent mouse, but they aren’t completely effective at blocking out the noise. One option is to use a thick, foam mouse pad. This is especially helpful if you use your mouse on a hard surface, like a wooden or metal desk. Another trick, which requires a little more DIY, is to disassemble the shell of your mouse (the outer cover), and insulate the click switches with thin foam.

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