How to Shave with Olive Oil

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How long does unopened olive oil last?

Olive oil isn’t exactly cheap, especially if you’re going for the higher-quality, extra virgin variety. Of course you want to get the longest amount of time you can out of your olive oil. One idea you had was to keep the bottle closed. After all, if you don’t open the olive oil, then it can’t go bad, right?

Not exactly. Even if you never break the seal, your olive oil still does have a finite shelf life. Should you immediately stash the olive oil in the fridge upon getting it home from the grocery store, then it’s good for two years. If you put it in a dark, cool pantry, then you can also get two years out of your olive oil.

What’s the fun of not using olive oil, though? You still get a pretty long shelf life out of your oil once it’s opened, anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Just make sure you either keep it in the pantry (in dark and cool conditions) or your fridge. Plus, remember, you can still rely on it for lots of things past its expiration!

Can you reuse cooking oil?

If you just cooked with olive oil and you have plenty leftover, what’s the harm in putting it in another container and reusing the oil another time? It turns out, there’s a lot of harm.

According to IWACU English News, when you reuse your olive oil or any other cooking oil, you’re getting more cholesterol in your dishes than you would if you had added fresh olive oil each time.

Further, your white blood cells could be affected as your organs attack them, and there’s even a risk of cancer if you reuse cooking oil often enough. You’re much better off spending the extra money on your olive oil every now and again than risking your health to save a few bucks.

How should you dispose of expired olive oil?

If you’ve decided you’d rather not chance it and you want to get rid of your expired olive oil, that’s completely your choice. What would you have to do? Here are some steps to follow.

First, you must ensure the olive oil is at room temperature or, even better, cooled. If you’ve recently heated it up, added it to a deep fryer, or otherwise used it for cooking, then let the olive oil temperature come back down. Otherwise, you might burn yourself.

If you’re working with a large quantity of olive oil, then transport it to smaller bottles so it’s easier to throw away. Next, make sure the lid is on tight and then throw the bottle away in your trash can. Try to recycle the container it came in if you can.

There are also a few things you want to avoid doing. For one, never dump your olive oil in the sink. This may seem like an easy way to get rid of it, but it could block up your pipes, which would be very expensive to get fixed. You also don’t ever want to directly dump the olive oil in a trash bag. You’ll have lots of hungry, unwanted critters around your home.

No Matter the Oil, Don’t Forget to Clarify

If you decide to add olive oil to your weekly wash day rotation, Chambers-Harris says olive oil is a good choice, she adds, “unlike unnatural oil substances like petroleum or mineral oil that just sit on top of your scalp and cause all types of scalp problems.” Now, even though olive oil doesn’t sit on the scalp cleansing to prevent buildup is a must, and keeping your hair type in mind is also helpful, says Groover. “Your hair’s texture, type, and condition are factors when determining how often you should be using olive oil.” Both Groover and Chambers-Harris advise washing your hair once a week with a sulfate-free, clarifying shampoo to avoid build up on the follicles.

Alodia Haircare EDEN BodyWorks

The Downside to Shaving with Olive Oil

Despite the numerous benefits of olive oil, it come with a few downsides too.

Most notably:

  • It clogs up the razor blades with oily clumps of hair. This is no big deal but a bit of a pain to clean, especially if you have a lot of facial hair to shave.
  • If you have naturally oily skin then olive oil is not a good idea. Oils don’t mix and the olive oil won’t be absorbed like it should.
  • It may cause more acne to develop if you already suffer from acne on your face.

How to Shave with Olive Oil

When I first tried shaving with olive oil I was shocked how easy it was to do.

All I needed were just two things:

  1. Extra virgin olive oil or an olive oil based shaving gel.
  2. A razor.

That’s honestly it.

First I had a hot shower to soften my skin and facial hair.

Then while my face and hands were still wet*, I rubbed in 4 or 5 drops of the oil into my skin.

I was ready to shave.

It felt weird at first, because I was used to lathering up my face and then shaving nice lines through shaving cream. Now, my face looked bare, and I was shaving through nothing. I was worried that I would cut myself multiple times. However, to my surprise, the razor glided smoothly I didn’t feel any skin irritation.

Afterwards I didn’t have to wash my face which was a first for me.

All I had to do was wipe off a few hairs from my face.

The olive oil soaked into my skin so I felt that my face was well moisturised.

All up it took me 3 minutes to shave and one minute to rinse my razor and pack up.

Quick and easy.

Best of all, not a single cut and no mess.

*I’ve experimented with applying the oil to dry skin and wet skin and found wet skin to offer a smoother shave.

Start Shaving

Apply oil liberally on the areas where you are shaving. The oil will make the surface slicker. Use an electric razor to shave. If your skin feels too dry, use more oil after you are done with shaving. You should refrain from the use of commercial lotions as they consist of harmful parabens. Parabens are carcinogenic.


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