How To Keep Flats From Smelling Bad With 8 Products That Work

De-Funkdafied Tip #1: Have a Tea Party

One way to get rid of odor in your flats is to have a tea party — but go ahead and forgo the teapot, because you’ll be placing the tea bags directly into your shoes. Yes, you read that right: Placing dry Earl Grey tea bags into your shoes at the end of a long day will help dry out the moisture that has developed and draw out the stink.


9. Freshen up your shoes

You may not even realize that your shoes are contributing to the odor in your home.

Spray the insides of your shoes with Shoe-Pourri to eliminate any bad scents. Another hack is to spray some dry shampoo inside your shoes to soak up any funkiness.

2.  Buy no-show socks

I actually wore these little pedi socks for two years and they keep your feet dry all day. They also help with blisters because they provide a little extra padding on the back of the heel.

Try Women’s No Show Socks Nonslip Low Cut Liner Summer Socks for Flats.

16. Use wax melts

If you want to make your house smell good without candles (because having a lit candle in your home kind of freaks you out), let me introduce you to the wax melt warmer. I use mine daily. It creates scent by melting wax cubes with a lightbulb, so there’s no need for a flame.

Wreck the Reek Tip #5: Reposition Your Panty Liners

Why let your underwear have all the fun when your stinky shoes can benefit from panty liners, as well? It sounds really, really out there, but placing panty liners in the soles of your shoes while you wear them can help absorb foot sweat and therefore cut down on the stink. It’s as simple as that. Period.

12. A good ol’ three-pack of Febreze that’s not here to play games Promising review: “This product is another win for Febreze! Excellent, clean scent and a well-designed bottle help this product freshen up the home, eliminating pet scents and more. The trigger is fantastic for dispersing an even and continuous spray throughout the area, and the fresh smell lasts for hours, neutralizing odors. Will definitely be keeping this product on repeat-order status.” –SeanS Get it from Amazon for $11.22+ (available in three scents).

How can I add fresh, natural scents (instead of air fresheners) to my room?

The above ten steps will significantly help freshen the air in your room, but if you would like to go further and add natural scents to the room, here are a few suggestions.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health recommends using fragrant plants like jasmine, lilies, or roses. Or, you can make potpourri or herbal sachets from natural ingredients like rose petals or lavender. Another recommendation is to use organic or natural essential oils like peppermint or orange. To make your own air freshener, you can add 8-10 drops of true essential oils to a spray bottle filled with 1 cup of water.

9) Spray a Powerful Air Freshener

And, of course, when you’ve done everything that filtering and incense and baking soda can do, you have one final recourse: Blunt Power air freshener spray. Which is effective on way more than just air. With dozens of powerful yet gentle scents to choose from, you can easily eliminate that final lingering odor of last night’s smoke-out (and the tons of smoke-outs before that) before your mom comes over.

You can freshen up your living room to smell like roses, eucalyptus, or fresh rain moments before your uptight but so-fine girlfriend steps in through the front door. And with a few sprays, you can eliminate the last traces of weed-smell before your stoner friends arrive. Just to see the hilarious look on their faces when they think — just for a moment — that you’ve gone straight-edge.

2. And a lil’ babe air filter to plug into your outlets near ~the stink zone~ One filter is good for small/problem areas, such as a bathroom or near a litter box. Promising review: “We live in a 250 square foot motorhome with a dog (Frito feet and farts), and a cat (canned food and litter). It’s fine when the windows are open, but my delicate nose and prissy sensibilities just can’t stand it once the AC is on. Tired of my complaining, my husband found this. It arrived yesterday. I plugged it in in a central location, and within five minutes…no smell. Dog came inside, farted next to me while I was lying on the sofa — within less than a minute, no smell. Fishy cat food — no smell *at all*. Litterbox (we use Feline Pine, which is terrific, but when she poops)? What litterbox? Honestly, it’s like I opened all the windows and scrubbed the place from ceiling to floor. I am so happy. So is my husband. And the dog can now fart in peace.” –Leigh Fellner Get it from Amazon for $15.99.


Once a month, deep-clean the refrigerator. If you do that consistently, it’s super quick and easy!

First, remove everything to a  counter so you can see what you have. Next, throw out everything that’s past its prime.

Give the inside of the fridge a thorough scrubbing with an all-purpose cleaner—1 teaspoon blue Dawn to 2 cups water in a spray bottle is perfect.

Follow that with a second scrubbing using vinegar. If it’s still stinky, spray it down—even the vents—with Nok-Out, and do not rinse, allowing Nok-Out to air dry completely.

6.  Dont wear the same pair two days in a row

Flats get stinky when you wear them two days in a row because the sweat hasn’t had time to dry.  Alternating days also keeps your flats from wearing out too quickly.

DIY home scent

Here’s a DIY air freshener you may want to try:

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 20 drops of your favorite essential oil

Add all ingredients to a small spray bottle. Shake well before every use. Lightly mist over carpet, upholstery, pillows, blankets, and clothes. Go easy to allow the mist to dry quickly.

The next time you replace your furnace filter (you do that religiously, every three months, right?), spread 20 drops of that essential oil on it. When the fan is running it will disperse the scent throughout the home.

How To Keep Flats Smelling Fresh?

Now that you know how to keep your feet dry, let's

Now that you know how to keep your feet dry, let’s talk about how to keep your flats from smelling up the room. Even if you wear socks, your flats will eventually begin to smell. The vinyl or plastic that many flats are made from isn’t very breathable.

A really simple way to keep your flats smelling fresh is to store them in an open location with plenty of fresh air. Yes, closets are convenient, but they’re dark and enclosed, a breeding ground for smelly bacteria.

In addition to the steps above, there are products available to put directly into your shoes to keep them fresh. Here are some of the best.

LamFun Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Click here to view this spray on Amazon.

Are your flats too big? Don’t worry, there are some ways you can make them fit better, and this article can tell you how: Shoes Too Big? [7 Ways To Make Shoes Smaller]


Odors from pets can be from pet stains in carpet/pad or furnishings, or it can be from wet fur of animals.  Try getting your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis and get pets house trained to keep carpets smelling fresh. Consider using a carpet powder or light baby powder on carpet and vacuum.

6) Light a Blunt-Stopping Incense Stick

“Light a match” is the universal way to cover up unwanted smells. There’s something about the sharp tangy smell of wood smoke that can overpower previous scents. And incense is designed to do this even more effectively. When you’ve got a little time to prepare your space, or you just want to create an overall good ambient smell, Blunt Power incense is a smart solution.

Burning the occasional stick of incense in your living room or other favorite smoking places can seriously cover the lingering smell of marijuana and ash. And waving around a stick of incense can quickly cover a faint smell when your radar-nosed mother is on the front walk.

Poor air circulation and smoke:

Both of these causes can be addressed by opening up windows on a regular basis to let fresh air move throughout your home. Change your air filters on your heating/air conditioner unit per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also buy scented inserts especially made for your vented system to disperse smell throughout your home. Consider not smoking in your home to truly expel smoke odor in your home. Smoke settles into finishes and can stay for years into the future.

AnnaStills / Getty Images

Shower and do your laundry

Just finished a tough workout? Get in the shower. Oh, was it just some light exercises? Get in the shower. Nice yoga flow? Yeah, get in the shower.

It takes time for bacteria to multiply and release that horrendous sweat smell. So if after a workout you kick your feet up on the couch, and throw on Netflix for an hour or two, you’re just giving them time to breed.

Instead, make the habit of throwing your workout gear into a closed hamper and hop straight in the shower after you’re finished exercising. You’ll feel better, be back on your couch bingeing Selling Sunset before you know it, and you won’t be stinking up your pad. Just a win-win-win of a situation.

Line with Lemons

Lemon peels are another tool you can use to keep your apartment from smelling like trash. The citrus’ peels have the unique ability to cover up some unpleasant scents. Try sticking them between your trash can and the liner to rid your bin of unwanted stenches.

Let nature take its course

What we smell are the volatile compounds sweat-loving bacteria release into the air—and it doesn’t take a high concentration to detect them, since the human nose is surprisingly sensitive. But this also means there might not be that much odor to get rid of in the first place.

After a workout, Nelson recommends simply throwing open your windows and getting a breeze going through your living room. It might seem obvious, but it will clear out a lot of lingering odors.

Make Your Own Potpourri

Though you can find potpourri at most home stores, it can be expensive and often smells synthetic. The solution, make your own at home. Pick a variety of dried flowers, if you can’t find any; dry them using a patch of silica gel on your own. Mix them generously with your choice of spices – cardamom, clove or star anise. Add a few drops of essential oil, floral or spicy and you are good to go. Place your potpourri on a countertop and feel the scent waft through the room.

Make Potpourri
Make Potpourri

Fragrance Your Cushions or Make Fragrance Sachets

This is perhaps the most complex methods amongst the above to add fragrance to your home. While sewing your cushions or getting them sewn, add a mix of spices to them. They help keep the space fragrances for a long time. If not, you could also put a cinnamon stick or two into the cushion cover. As for fragrance sachets, sew a small cotton pouch and fill it up with cloves, cinnamon, star anise, dried basil, lemongrass or anything else dried you like the fragrance of, like lavender. Add a few drops of essential oil and sew the top. Place these in wardrobes on beds and every place you can think of.Read: 8 Wallpaper Design Ideas for Home Redecoration Plans

fragrance sachets
fragrance sachets

If you feel that nothing works, just visit NoBroker and move into a house that smells like heaven.  


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