How to Copy XBOX One Games From External HDD to Another

Why copy data from one XBox 360 to another

In my case I wanted two identical XBox 360s, which under normal circumstance would be easy, simply download the DLC on both XBox 360’s.

Like I mentioned before, there are several reasons why that might not work for you …

  • Slow Internet and huge games …
  • DLC no longer available …
  • DLC not available in your (new) region …
  • You just want to make a backup.

So here I will describe how I copied content from one XBox 360 to another. Copied … not Moved! Your XBox 360 after all will “transfer” content or in other words MOVE it off the original XBox 360, onto another drive or XBox 360.

After copying the content, you will sometimes need to reactivate it, which is done automatically when you start the game.

For this process you can use a USB stick or even a USB harddrive – both will work. I actually tried it with a USB 3.0 harddrive and that worked like a charm as well. Consider a large USB harddisk in case you have a lot of data and games. USB harddrives do not only hold more data but are also often faster than USB sticks.

This trick does NOT remove copyright protection! 

This trick will not allow you to copy DLC from a buddy onto your own XBox 360. Copyright protection remains intact. Both XBox 360’s require the same XBox Live account to activate the copyrighted content.

So this is not a trick to illegally copy games!!

Move versus Copy 

Unfortunately, Microsoft, in its infiite wisdom, decided to make this a MOVE function.

So it makes a copy on your USB stick and then REMOVES the original. Once copied on the other XBox 360, the files will be REMOVED from the USB stick as well,… so the game can be only on one XBox 360 at a time.

That’s why we use this trick … so we can restore the games and data again after we installed it on the second XBox 360 so both will have the same games and data. So in effect we COPIED the game.


How to Copy Xbox 360 Games Backup Xbox 360 Games

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How to copy and paste on an Xbox One using a …

2020-1-19 · Microsoft has programmed the Xbox One controller to function somewhat like a mouse and keyboard or touchscreen, allowing users to copy and paste text when filling out text boxes.

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Xbox One transfer using network transfer

You can copy content between two Xbox Ones that are connected to the same home network. You can connect wirelessly or via ethernet, with the latter always being the faster option. When both machines are connected, follow these instructions: 

  1. On your old Xbox One that you want to copy from, go to Settings, and then Network, where you’ll find Network transfer. Then select Allow Network Transfer.
  2. Leave that console on and then turn your attention to the console you want to copy things to. Again go to Settings, Network and Network Transfer. You should be able to see the old console listed under Local Consoles. (If it’s not double check both are on the same network and the first console is still powered on with Allow Network Transfer enabled). 
  3. On the new Xbox One begin Network Transfer and then select the old Xbox One to see what content is available. Choose what you want to move, or Select All, then select Copy Selected to start the transfer.

Enable PC Mode

SAFELY REMOVE DEVICE One you have your devices listed, enable PC Mode on your older drive and use SAFELY REMOVE DEVICE or EJECT from the system tray. Once done, reconnect your device and your device should now be detected by Windows.

Enable XBOX Mode

TagsEnable XBOX mode the same way as above and again, safely remove and eject your drive after. You can confirm this by reconnecting your drive and viewing the tool and it should show up as pictured above.


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