DIY Phone Holder with 3 Binder Clips

Phone dock

Screenshot: YouTube: I Love CreativityScreenshot: YouTube: I Love Creativity

Two large binder clips (5 cm), when clamped together, can act as a DIY kickstand. Take one binder clip and clamp it over the wide end of another binder clip. Take the metal loops of the bottom clip and flip one upright and use pliers to bend the front end of the other loop (this will keep the phone from slipping). Then rest the phone in between the upright loop and the bent loop to secure it in place.

You can also clip two binder clips to a notecard and place the phone in the metal loops as an alternate docking option.


Toothpaste preserver

The tight pinch that saves potato chips also comes in handy when your toothpaste starts to run low. 

Instead of manually sliding small globs of toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, slide all of it up in one swipe, roll up the unused tube portion, and clamp the sucker.

                                                  Useful life hack/screenshot

Cable organizer

Avoid the dreaded experience of tangled cables (or worst, lost cables) by wrapping the cords in a bundle and securing them in the middle with a clip. The next time you need one, it’ll be right where you left it.

Step 2: Form the Base

Start with your two large clips.  With “mouths” facing, slide one arm of a clip over the other.   This is the main body of the stand.  Your phone will rest on the arm that’s sticking up.

Mobile phone car mount

Photo: Ryan MottauPhoto: Ryan Mottau

If you’d rather be Macgyver than buy a holder for your phone, you can outfit a binder clip to place your phone in between your car air vents. We posted detailed instructions in 2011 for taking apart the binder clip and prepping it with duct tape, string, and a rubber band. Once it’s together, clip the binder to the car air vents and use the metal loops with a rubber band around them to secure your phone while you drive.


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