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Cats and Clothes, What You Need to Know

Dressing up our feline friends has a long, long history. It spans all the way back to ancient Egypt when ancient art show cats were wearing all sorts of things, from jewelry to intricately embroidered collars and even earrings.

Valued and almost worshipped by the Egyptians, these cats lived lives of luxury, dressed to the nines alongside their loving masters.

Nowadays, dressing up our pets is met with both praise and criticism. Lots of people dress up their dogs, and this is generally accepted. But what about cats?

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So, Can Cats Wear Clothes?

Sure they can, but make sure your cat is cool with it first!

Unless there is a medical reason why your cat needs to wear clothing, there is no reason to force them if they really don’t like it.

If you are the kind of person who likes to dress up their kitty, here are a few final reminders on how to do it safely and kindly:

  1. Start your cat off as a kitten, if possible. Kittens are like little sponges and will generally roll with things as long as you are being gentle with them. Like most things, it’s easier to get your cat used to wearing clothes if you begin dressing them up as kittens.
  2. Be gentle and pick out clothes that will be comfortable, such as this loose-fitting striped pullover or this simple pet shirt.
  3. Never force your cat or get angry if they don’t play along. Cats are sentient beings that deserve respect, and their happiness is more important than your desire to dress them.
  4. Have fun! If your cat enjoys wearing little outfits, enjoy it right along with them!
  5. Remember that whether or not your cat likes dressing up, cats still make good pets.

Does your cat enjoy being dressed up? Do you have an entire wardrobe for your fashionable feline? We want to hear about it (and we also want to see pictures!!) Let us know in the comments!

Amanda K. After moving to New York City from Rome, Italy, I began working in the nonprofit world. Despite my day job, my passion has always been animals, especially dogs and cats, and writing. What better way to combine the two? I’ve been a pet owner for 15 years, and my menagerie includes dogs, cats, hamsters and the occasional hermit crab. My beloved cat, Mozart, who I found as a newborn kitten, sparked my love for felines and is now nearly 15 years old. I am an enthusiastic volunteer at the local ASPCA, where I enjoy spending time with the cats and cleaning up after the dogs. I’ve been writing about pet ownership and care for the past five years.


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