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Free up 1.33 MB on the hard drive for installing Belvedere v1.0; keep in mind that it can be also found under the title of Belvedere -. This program is provided for free by its developer Adam Pash. The software can be found under the File Managers section of the System Utilities category. The program versions that users like running on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 are 0.7 and 0.6. It should be mentioned that the setup files Belvedere 0.3.exe and Belvedere.exe are the most downloadable among users. Our antivirus system found the direct download link being safe to use.

The Preferences Tab:

Preferences tab has various configuration settings and you can apply settings as per requirement.

For e.g. Sleeptime (time to rotate through rules) can be controlled by specifying a value to it. The value can be Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks. You can configure Belvedere to confirm before exiting.

There are Logging/Alert options can also be configured. For e.g. if chosen, it can log when System Events occur (change in options, rule creation, deletion, or activation, on System Actions, and also for Both.

The “Default Rules Options” can also be configured as per requirement, for e.g. when writing a new rule, the Create Rule dialog box can be checked/unchecked by default for options like Enabled, Confirm Action, and Recursive.



Belvedere is a simple and useful automatic file manager tool which lets to manage your files very easily. You can manage plenty of files and folders by using it with very less manual effort.


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