A First-Person Perspective on How to Tie a Neck Tie

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How To Tie A Pratt Knot

  • Complexity: Simple
  • Best Collars: Spread

 Starting with the tie reverse-side out and with w

  1. Starting with the tie reverse-side out and with wide blade hanging 6″ lower than the narrow blade, pass the wide blade underneath the narrow blade
  2. Pull narrow blade up and loop behind the intersection
  3. Pull the wide blade down and loop in front of the narrow blade
  4. Tug wide blade up behind intersection (note the knot starting to form)
  5. Pull wide blade down through slipknot
  6. Adjust

Created by Jerry Pratt, a former employee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, his eponymous knot starts with the tie reverse-side out, as you can see in Step 1 from the graphic above. It’s easy to tie and makes a symmetrical knot. It uses relatively little of the tie’s length and is thus suited to tall men or short ties. It’s also known as the Shelby or Pratt-Shelby knot.

Step 1: The Basic Knots

In this ible I will be covering 3 very basic knots that cover a wide range of sizes, complexity, and durability. I will be covering the simple knot, the half windsor, and the full windsor.

How to Tie a Kelvin Knot

This uncommon knot will certainly set you apart from the crowd. Thankfully, Kelvin knots are easy to learn and create an even, polished look. Follow a few basic steps, and you’ll be a Kelvin knot expert in no time.

  1. Drape your tie around your collar with the seam out and the thick end on your left. Hang your end two or three inches lower than where you hope to complete the tie.
  2. Cross the thick end under the thin side left to ride. You should create an X underneath your chin.Take the thick end across the front knot from right to left. Wrap around the thin end and pass back underneath the knot from left to right.Bring the thick end horizontally across the front moving from right to left. Tuck a finger under the horizontal band you create.Tuck your thick end underneath the loop around your collar.
  3. Bring your thick end through the horizontal loop. Snug the knot down into place.
  4. Tighten by grasping the knot with one hand and pulling on the narrow end with the other.

The Tie Dimple Why Its Important

A good dimple helps to hold the tie in place whileYou may have heard of something called a “tie dimple.” This is a fold in the fabric just beneath the knot, and necktie enthusiasts tend to feel that the presence of a dimple separates the men from the boys, as it were.

A good dimple helps to hold the tie in place while giving it some added visual interest. A tie without a dimple can look like a limp fish hanging around your neck, while a tie with a dimple comes to life and is indicative of a man who’s in charge of his clothes.

You can manufacture a dimple by simply pressing one into the tie with your fingers after it’s been knotted. Ties (silk ones primarily) have “memory,” though, so over time a dimple will occur naturally.

Above, we see a tie with no dimple: lifeless and sloppy. Below, we see a tie with a dimple, full of life and natty as all get-out.

Types of Necktie Accessories

Eager to go beyond the basics of how to tie a tie? Men or women who wear ties may wish to enhance function and fashion with tie accessories. People can choose from various types of tie accessories to keep ties in place and add a hint of style. These options are great for anyone hoping to create a signature look or elevate their typical fashion.

  • Tie bar: Slides across the middle section of the tie to keep it in place
  • Tie clip: Attaches to the same area by clipping into place
  • Tie tack: Features a pin, base and chain that help keep the tie from shifting
  • Tie chain: Features a bar and chain combination
  • Tie strap: Slips through the label on the tie’s back and attaches to shirt buttons

By presenting a polished look for work or social occasions, neckties enhance the wardrobe of men and women. Straight ties come in an array of patterns, colors and fabrics for every season and situation, and a variety of different tie knots keep them looking sharp.


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