5 DIY Office Hacks Using Binder Clips

Introduction: Binder Clip Hack #1

By Jack of Some Trades

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This is the first half of my binder clip hack set. In this instructable, we will be making a binder clip slingshot. It is super easy to make, dirt cheap, and can send little projectiles 5 meters away! If you enjoy this instructable, please favorite and comment. I would love to see some modifications to it as well, so don’t be afraid to change it up and make a new version!


19. Practice fine motor skills

Help strengthen little fingers with this fun activ

Help strengthen little fingers with this fun activity! First, kids attach the clips around the side of the box. Then, they weave the string in and out of the loops. 

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9. Hang them from push pins

Use a single binder clip on a push pin to hang stu

Use a single binder clip on a push pin to hang student work, or combine several to hang larger charts and posters. If you have cement walls, try using sticky hooks with binder clips instead.

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4. Yarn Keeper


  • Bowl
  • Ball of yarn
  • Knitting needles


  • Put yarn in a bowl
  • Clip to edge of the bowl
  • Feed yarn through the legs

9. Bottle Stack


  • Bottles of water


  • From under the wire shelf, attach 2 binder slip (about 6-inches apart) through two wire racks
  • Stack waters

So there you have it! Start fixing those little annoyances.

I’m personally a fan of the headphone organizer!

#2 Cord Wrap

Just clip on the edge of your desk and wrap your cords. Easy solution for getting those cords off of your desk, or the ground.

Toothpaste preserver

The tight pinch that saves potato chips also comes in handy when your toothpaste starts to run low. 

Instead of manually sliding small globs of toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, slide all of it up in one swipe, roll up the unused tube portion, and clamp the sucker.

                                                  Useful life hack/screenshot

#5 Phone Stand

This one is a bit tricky, but it works pretty well. Put one clip inside of another, facing the same direction. Leave the back clip’s handles in their normal position. Lay the front clip’s bottom handle flat and stand the top handle up. Add a rubber band around the bottom handle of the front clip to keep your phone from sliding off. Now you have a phone holder on your desk!

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now that we have our two pieces ready, all we need to do is tape them together. 1. Position the ends of the rubber band near the ends of the prong piece2. Take your tape and pull off a piece about 1/2 the size of your prong piece3. Cut the tape piece in half longways, so you have 2 long strips of tape4. Wrap your tape around one side with the rubber band and the tips of the prong, and keep wrapping until the two are secured together5. Repeat with the other side and press down tightly around the tape to make sure that it will stay there

Smartphone viewing stand

This hack requires two clips and a sheet of paper. First, you’ll need to cut the paper so it’s roughly the same length as your phone in landscape mode. Depending on your phone, you could also use a business card.

Next, attach a clip to each end of the paper so the corners of your phone have a place to rest. The handles of the clip should serve as tiny “feet” to keep the makeshift stand upright.

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