4 Pro Techniques To Shorten Long Headphone Cables Without Soldering Sound Speeds

Why do Wires start to Twist?

There is not a single activity that makes the wire start twisting. The process starts when we begin using headphones on the very first day. We constantly change our position by dragging the cable from chair to bed and bed to sofa. So, the process has been started, Although we do not pay any attention to it. Every so often we keep the cable down, and sometimes we coil it to keep it safe by twisting.  

So, the process starts repeating day by day, and the wire initiates changing its shape. It is really hard to identify the problem at an early stage and to fix it. Moreover, the headphones wires are always flimsy and do not have the power to revert to their original position. In this instance, the pressure is building up, and we find a mess of wires twirling and tangled.

Effect of twirling headphone cable

Twirling headphones cables can affect the wire itself and the headphone sound quality. So, if you cannot bother to check it in the first place, you may end up losing your headphone.

In the same vein, when cables start getting twisted on a daily basis. The plastic shield on the cable starts damaging, and the copper wire inside it begins exposing, after exposing copper wire if it bends or moves in a bad manner. It will affect your headphones' sound quality. And you may get your headphones sound permanently damaged. 

Pro Tip: If you are using cheap or mid-range headphones, you may need to check the cable each day. The reason is these types of headphones do not offer good quality cables, and it is more susceptible than the premium headphones.

How to get kinks out of headphone cords 

Now it's time to share some tips for straightening headphones wires. These methods are doable and easy to follow, and they will help you straighten out the cable right away.

Running headphone wire through fingers

It is a pretty easy and dead ahead technique you can use right off. Snap up your headphone wire between your index finger and thumb. Tight the grip and pass the cable bit by bit thoroughly across your fingers. Start the process from one end and finish it to the other end. You have to keep repeating the process until the wire gets into its original shape. Normally, doing it two to three times will get the job done.

Use weight to straighten the cables. 

This method is pretty useful if you have initially used any method to straighten the cable, but it is not as effective as you want. 

Reconsider this idea. You will get the best results. But it is time taking. 

Firstly, hang your headphone with any support like a door hook or coat hook. Secondly, attach something with the other end like anything with a little weight. Hang in there for 24 to 48 hours. For that purpose, you can use a wall or table for headphone hanging.

Pro Tip: While hanging headphones, you have to use anything which has little weight. If you tie anything heavy, it will pull out the cable from the headphone, and the result will not be pleasing for you.

Hang headphone with dedicated stand

A handphone stand is not a prerequisite, but if yo

A handphone stand is not a prerequisite, but if you have it. It will help to keep the headphone and wire organized. It also makes you realize that you have a desk stand, and you can follow the discipline to keep the headphone on a stand. It will prevent your headphone wire from tangling or twisting. 

If you cannot afford a headphone stand or do not like it. You can use a headphone hook, and it's a cheap idea to systematize the headphone.

Despite everything, if you want to follow a free idea that will keep your headphone wire arranged. You can simply hang the headphone by the arch of the table desktop monitor. This is how it is simple to follow.

Use a hair dryer to straighten the headphone cable

It is not recommended to use a hairdryer. But if your headphone wire is twisted in a bad manner. You can use a hairdryer to revert its original shape. Firstly, take a hairdryer and turn it on by keeping the warm level low. Now take the headphone wire and start warming it. After some time, check the wire if you can easily manipulate it. Start to frame and bend to turn it back into its original shape. 

Pro tip: Always keep your dryer's warm level low when you use it to straighten the wire. 

How to stop headphone wires from curling?

The best way to stop the headphone wire from curling is to prevent it in the first place. There are few things you can do in order to stop the headphone wire from curling.

Use headphone stand to straighten coiled headphone cable

The best way to stop headphone wire from curling is to use a headphone stand or headphone hook. It will keep you remembering that you have picked it up from the stand and put it back after usage. Either way, if you do not want to use a stand, you have to be extra cautious and consistent to prevent headphone wire curling.  

If you do not want to be extra cautious, you have to face the headphone wire curling. It is simple to take the step to prevent it or leave the step to face it.

Store your headphone correctly

The top way to impede your headphone wire from cur

The top way to impede your headphone wire from curling is to use a dedicated case or headphone bag. It will also keep your headphone safe and increase the life span. You can also use a headphone hook or table stand for headphones. 

Headphone case and bag designed in a way that allows you to store your headphone perfectly. There is no way of curling wire because the case has predefined slots for headphones and wire. So, you can keep your headphone wire right away from curling, and it is also best to keep your headphone with you on the go.

Note: Some headphones come with a dedicated bag or case. If your headphones do not have a bag or case, You have to buy them separately. 

Over under method to save the cable

It is effective and requires 55 seconds to wrap the cable by using your fingers and hand. Firstly, hold the one end of the wire in one hand. And slide down your second hand a little away and make the first coil of the cable. For the second coil, twist your hand right away down to the wire. And hold the wire with your palm, then bring the wire up to make a second coil. Keep repeating the process until you have done wrapping. 

These are pretty nifty ideas to untwist a cord of your headphones. But what if you have Earphones? How to keep earphones wire straight?

Use 8 cable coiling method

Use 8 cable coiling method

This method is pretty handy to untangle wire. Firstly, Grab your earphone or earbud and hold it between three fingers and thumb. Wind the cord around your three fingers and leave some part of it around 4 to 5 inches. Thereafter, remove two of your fingers from the wrapped portion but keep your index finger in the part. Now twist the remaining part of the cable around the wrapped section and insert the end part of the cord in the rapping part to fasten it rigidly.

Rubber Band

The rubber band is extremely useful for both earphones and headphones or a gaming headset. Use any method listed above to make a coil or wrap the wire. After that twist, the rubber band around the wind part of the wire, and you are done with it. 

\ Note : Although these all are pretty useful methods for wired headphones or earbuds or a gaming headset, As time goes on everything starts getting into modern form, and the wired headphone changes the way to wireless. Therefore, If you want to get rid of the wired system permanently, you can get wireless headphones.


Female 4-Pin Mini XLR : 4-wire cable : TRS

You also have the option of making a single-ended TRS Plug headphone cable using 4 conductor wire like the cable used above to create the balanced line headphone cable. This cable has a Female 4-Pin Mini XLR connector on the headphone end and a standard TRS 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch connector on the amp end.

Schiit Mjolnir Headphone Amp Outputs

The Mjolnir amp offers both 4 and 3-pin XLR output. The 4-pin XLR output is the new standard for balanced headphones and uses just one cable.

You will need a full size Male 4-Pin XLR connector on your headphone cable to mate with the above Female XLR chassis connector. If your amp uses two full size 3-Pin XLR connectors I would recommend creating a Y cable adapter with a full size Female 4-Pin XLR on one end and two Male 3-Pin XLR connectors on the other ends. That way you can run one cable to your headphones. I recommend using high quality Neutrik XLR connectors. I sourced my Neutrik XLR connectors from eBay.

Step 4

Peel the wire braiding from the two colored wires and twist together with your fingers. You have two colored wires and one strip of twisted wire braiding.

Shortening the earphone wire, earphone line

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Fixing the cable at the headphone end

This is much trickier than replacing just a jack plug, but it’s essentially the same operation. Even if only one headphone or earbud is broken, you should really cut the cable off both headphones or earphones, shorten it by however much you need, and then repair both phones. If you don’t do this, you’ll have one of the stereo wires slightly shorter and carrying slightly more current than the other and that can damage both your headphones and whatever they’re connected to. Exactly how you take the headphones or earbuds apart varies from brand to brand. Take a look at our main article on headphones for some reference photos that may help.

The items you will need

You will need the following, so have them ready:

  • Your broken earbud headphones.
  • A replacement jack plug (I tell you where to get this below).
  • A soldering iron and solder. (If you don’t know how to solder at all, try watching the five-minute guide to soldering by Collin Cunningham. If you do know but you’ve not done it in a while, you can refresh your memory from the very short video how to solder by Mike Allen. For a more in-depth guide, try the Adafruit Guide To Excellent Soldering. If soldering is totally new to you, it’s sensible to practice joining some old wires together before you repair your headphones.)
  • A vise to hold things safely while you solder. (Or some bulldog clips, as I describe below.)
  • Some matches or a cigarette lighter.
  • A penknife, some scissors, or a wire cutter.


Not everyone knows how to handle their device, and some will take it to the store, replace it with a new one…Hooke Audio believes you already know how to fix headphones wire when there is a problem. Comment and share this article for everyone to know.

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