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Best Slingbox alternatives for internet streaming service users

If you choose to use the internet streaming services much like Sling TV or YouTube TV over satellite or cable connections, it’s a wise solution to use an Nvidia shield or PC that runs a Plex server.

Getting this set up sounds a lot more complicated than just using Sling TV and shuffling between more apps but with the right equipment its the perfect alternative.

With this setup, you can watch and record satellite tv, watch any media that you’ve saved on the Plex hard drive, and use apps like YouTube TV, Netflix, and Hulu.

8. NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000

NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 is a reputable product with a plethora of innovative features that people like. If you are looking for a sleek-looking streaming device that lasts long, this is one of the best in 2020. The cool touch zinc alloy housing that it has, for instance, is one of a kind. It withstands abuse well. It also has a fun-to-use soft-touch design with a non-slip base that grips both smooth and rough surfaces well.

If the DVD and dated entertainment system that you have at home bore you to death, this is a better option. Apart from its stunning looks, its high-performance design has attracted it praise worldwide. For 4K HD video/media streaming, for instance, it is one of the best devices to use. It connects to networks fast. If you enjoy playing online, you will also benefit from its low latency system. It delivers a lag-free and immersive gaming experience, which people of all cadres appreciate.

Unlike some popular brands, NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 goes beyond plug-and-use connectivity. With an original one, you get L2 switch networking with three levels of traffic optimization. Its QoS management system, for instance, streamlined its performance. It also supports multicast operation (via IGMP snooping). This product will serve you well.

Our Verdict

NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 has improves how people entertain in homes. Like most of the advanced Wi-Fi extenders it has manufactured over the years, this is a durable product. It also has a charming design with a wealth of features that improve how people play or watch movies.

  • Cool-touch zinc alloy housing
  • Eye-catching black theme
  • Supports IGMP snooping
  • QoS management system
  • Plug and use connectivity

ConsYou cannot add a username

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4. Roku Express

The Roku line of media streaming devices is reputable because of its versatility. It is also home to durable plug and use products that improve how people entertain at home. To satisfy your demand for movies, for instance, Roku Express is one of the best Slingbox alternatives to use. Even though compact, you get a feature-rich item that will improve how you entertain in many ways. Its support for HD media streaming, for instance, is admirable. Whilst entertaining, therefore, you get quality on a budget.

Power consumption is a concern for people with some brands of media streaming devices. If you are looking for a well-engineered brand that lacks this issue, Roku Express is the product to buy. Whenever you are streaming media, it only needs 2.2 watts of electricity to work well. Considering the quality of the pictures and sound people get, this is desirable.

Do you spend many hours on YouTube looking for good free movies to watch? If you can afford a new media-streaming device, buy Roku Express. It will change your life in many ways. In terms of access to content, for instance, it is one of the best in 2020. Once set up well, you can watch over 500,000 TV episodes and movies without spending a dime.

You will never struggle to set up and use this device. Its plug and use design, for instance, comes ready to use. Once you have set it up to a network and a display such as your television, you will be ready to entertain. It also has an intuitive navigation system that most people can use effortlessly and a built-in search function that works well.

Our Verdict

To upgrade your entertainment system, you do not need one of the expensive devices available online. Roku Express is an affordable low profile brand that will serve you well. It improves access to movies and television programs in homes. It also has a low-powered design (2.2 watts) that most people can set up and use in homes and hotels.

  • Responsive search function
  • Intuitive navigational system
  • Over 500,000 movies/TV episodes
  • Low-powered design (2.2 watts)
  • HD media streaming capability

ConsConnection issues

Will there be any new Slingbox devices in the future?

Slingbox has officially confirmed in its announcement FAQ that they will not release a Slingbox device in the future and is also no longer shipping any of their products.

In addition to scrapping their product line, the company also revealed that it is discontinuing some of its apps including:

  • SlingPlayer (Free) for Android tablets
  • SlingPlayer (Paid) for Android smartphones
  • SlingPlayer for Roku
  • SlingPlayer for Windows Phone

All the other apps will continue to work as intended and will receive maintenance updates.

Over to You!

If you are boosting your entertainment system, one of the Slingbox alternatives we have analyzed will deliver you well.

Excellent for streaming media, the lag-free accomplishment people enjoy is attractive.

They also have a reliable plug and use designs that work great in most settings.

You may also need to study these projectors arise if your idea to stream live with the help of the projector.

So, which Slingbox Alternative do you like the most? the “Roku 2 Streaming Media Player” or “Vulkano Flow Mobile Device” let us know in the comment section below.

And for amazing streaming experience, you can connect these Slingbox alternatives with these video projectors as well.

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