13 Before And After Pictures Of Fake Weight Loss That Shows The Lies Behind Them

Scroll down and check out these 13 before and after pictures of weight loss that are fake on the face!

1.She shows her 3 seconds transformation! Shocking!


2.Can you believe your eyes? Neither me!


3.How easy it is to fake and we tend to believe everything we see!



Starting His Weight Loss Journey

“I never wanted to go to the gym. No if, ands, or buts about it. I was lazy,” Velasquez explained to MensHealth.com. “I just kept going through the motions.”

But after he faced humiliation in front of his friends, Velasquez he knew it was time to try something different — and his first step was joining Planet Fitness. The fitness facility was just three minutes from his job, so he had no excuse not to go. And when he got there, Velasquez said, he just started improvising.

“I didn’t know what the hell I’m doing,” he said. “I just got there and I saw all the equipment and saw the other guys just doing stuff. It’s a mix of emotion when you go into a gym as a big guy.” (New to the gym? Here’s a great workout for beginners.)

How Will Rowing Change My Body?

Yes, a rowing machine will 100% change your body for the better. You will see increased lean muscle, lower body fat percentage, increased energy levels, improved mood, better cardio, and so much more!

However, most people want to know how will rowing change my body but don’t understand how it is possible!

While rowing for just 15 minutes a day can show improvements, it will not show drastic changes like the photos below.

To achieve great results, takes great effort and some lifestyle changes. Below are my 3 key points that must be followed to achieve amazing rowing machine before and after photos like the ones below.

Daily Exercise

You must exercise daily, no excuses! Ok, you can definitely take 1-2 days off a week to recover but I recommend 1 day off only!

Daily exercise is key to seeing improvements and seeing them fast. Also, making the commitment to work out everyday helps build the habit and not allow room for excuses.

If you find yourself saying “I don’t have the time to exercise”, change it to saying “exercise is not a priority to me.”

The change is subtle but it is the truth! Everyone has the time, just don’t waste it doing other things or try getting up an hour earlier!

If you tell yourself you will exercise daily, then

If you tell yourself you will exercise daily, then that’s it! Get it done!

Clean Healthy Diet

Diet is actually more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Many experts will say weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise!

This is due to it being so easy to cut calories out of your diet rather then exercise them off.

For example, a plain bagel with cream cheese is ab

For example, a plain bagel with cream cheese is about 300 calories and 150 calories for a cappuccino (450 calories total). If you change this to eating a banana (100 calories) and a cup of black coffee (5 calories) you would have a difference of almost 300 calories!!

Most people will burn 300 calories if they exercise for 1 whole hour! By simply changing your diet you can remove an hour of hard exercise from your schedule!

Making small changes like this to your diet is the reason why eating healthy is so important!

But the real magic happens when you combine eating a clean diet with a daily exercise routine 🙂


We all know the saying, “consistency is key” and that is the truth!

To see results while exercising we must be consistent with our workout routine and diet.

Consistently working out everyday and eating healt

Consistently working out everyday and eating healthy will lead to the fastest transformations. I know it will be difficult but the results will be worth it!

I have seen some amazing rowing machine results and rowing body transformations! Each of these people exercised daily and worked hard to eat a clean, healthy diet.

Changing His Diet

Soon after, people started noticing his weight loss and the compliments started pouring in. He gradually started eating more thoughtfully and healthfully, eliminating foods like french fries from his diet. He also began counting his calories. (Here’s what to know about counting calories for weight loss.)

“I started watching a lot of YouTube videos to educate myself,” Velasquez explained of his newfound love of nutritional science. He proceeded to lose another 30 pounds, and the weight continued to flow off.


  • Some progress photos you see online are doctored and could show false expectations for what you and your body can do in a short period of time. Take social media photos with a grain of salt, because you never know the editing that may have gone into a photo.[20]

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